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The world has gone into a lockdown owing to the unprecedented rise of the epidemic. Due to this reason, people are bound to confine themselves to their homes. While it is a hard time to stay back at home, we cannot ignore our studies and daily activities.

If you have been preparing for a professional accounting exam like the CPA examination or the CMA US examination at this time, you need to introduce some changes in your lifestyle and thought process so that you can focus properly.

Before the epidemic, students would have gone to the training center or study at the library if they wanted a change in the environment. But, with the lockdown and quarantine days, the entire scenario has changed.

We have to readjust the new normal and under such a circumstance, studying at or being mentored by an expert in live online mode seems to be the only alternative to make the best preparations for the examination.

Here is a list of the steps you need to follow if you want to make the best preparations for the CPA, CMA or CIA study during the lockdown. Take a look!

Say no to distractions

If you want to create a perfect working environment without any distraction, you should make sure to keep the headphones as well as the music of your choice ready. Instrumental music plays an integral role in blocking unwanted noise and thus it is possible to concentrate more on your studies.

Few people love to experiment with various genres of music to develop the study environment for you. Social media might also waste a lot of time. You might begin by checking the notifications and after an hour, you might be watching YouTube videos.

You need to find certain ways of limiting access to social media. It is a must to resist the temptation and say no to social media while studying.

Create a cleaner and better study space

It is necessary to create a cleaner study space to boost your productivity. In this aspect, you can consider placing a study table in the bedroom so that you can mark the workspace out. Besides this, you should try to set boundaries.

Avoid unnecessary calls, extra messaging, so that you can
give more focus on studying. If your dining table is the study space, you should make sure that you are the only one using it for studying. Besides this, you should make sure to de-clutter the space so that you can give more space to your studies.

Management of time

It is a prerequisite to understand that various tasks need unique concentration levels. It is easy to watch a video, as compared to taking notes or going through a complicated text over and again. Moreover, many people consider watching videos regularly for revising the concepts that
have been completed earlier.

Apart from this, you should make sure to go over the parts of the CPA or CMA or CIA examination section which are harder and which were more challenging to understand. In this aspect, you should ensure to divide the work into different time slots. Do not forget to take breaks regularly and make the best use of your time.

Other than this, you might give a call to your colleagues and friends who are making preparations for the CPA or CMA examination. However, you should make sure not to spend too much time on calls as it might waste a lot of time. You should ensure to set a specific time for studying daily.

Let others at home that you are busy

It is crucial to let the other family members know that the particular time of the study is blocked for studying. Thus, you will procure the prerequisite time for studying, and thus you can be assured that you will not get any disturbance while studying.

Setting realistic goals

You should not waste valuable study time only for taking a break or talking to someone over the call. You cannot go to a restaurant for a meal or a walk into the park owing to which you might feel like talking over the calls more.

Thus, there are higher chances of distractions such as TV or phone and they might be more appealing to you.

It might appear to you that there is sufficient time at hand but the truth is that you are running out of time. It is not recommended to put the recorded lectured in the watch later section.

Thus, it is a prerequisite to devise a proper study plan, and setting realistic goals happen to be an indispensable part of that. As you set realistic goals, it will be useful to ensure that you are making the best use of time and boosting your productivity.

Use of flashcards

Flashcards are recognized to be vital study tools that lend a helping hand to learn new materials. They are also known to be an excellent choice to go over the mnemonics, terms, and summaries, which are challenging to remember.

You can ask the other members of your family to create the flashcards. Flashcards are playing an integral role in promoting learning via active recall.

It is considered to be a participatory style of learning in which the candidate, preparing for CPA, CMA or CIA examination can be effectively engaged and involved with the material. It is a great alternative for the students and allows them to make effective preparations for the examination.

Smart Reading

It is a must to ready smartly for making the best preparations for the examination. In light of this, you need to highlight the crucial ideas and primarily the ones which are completely new. In addition to assisting in memorizing faster, it is also helpful in making the revisions easy.

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