CSCA Course

CSCA Curriculum for Finance Professionals- The Ultimate Qualification in Strategic Management

The new CSCA (Certified in Strategy and Competitive Analysis) program from IMA USA is designed to make an accountant/finance professional to be recognized as top-notch strategy management expert in the respective domain of an organization. IMA's CSCA Certification is meant to bring out top level career growth acceleration, Gain in-demand knowledge and analytical skills and building leadership management among the deserved candidates.

Career Growth with CSCA Certification

CSCA Core Content:

The one shot CSCA exam covers three important core areas to cover which are mentioned below with their respective weightages.

  • Strategic Analysis-25%
  • Creating Competitive Advantage-40%
  • Strategy Implementation and Performance Evaluation-35%

Currently, two exam windows are available for CSCA in March and September in a year.

CSCA Course Duration

With a recommended 40 to 75 hours of study based on your level of expertise, upon entry in to the CSCA program, you will get two years’ time to pass the exam.

Who should do CSCA?

  • Are you at present involved in finance and accounting roles, as staff accountants or are at responsible position and wants to go higher -up? – If yes, CSCA Certification is for you.
  • As a Professional, do you have aim to uplift your strategic thinking and analytical skills to attain a future-proof secured leadership positions in your field of expertise?- If yes, CSCA Certification is for you.
Certified CSCA Professional

CSCA Exam Format

The 3 hours CSCA exam consists of 60 MCQs with 70% of the exam score and Case study – having 30% of the exam score. A scale is applied for scoring pattern with a range from 0-400 where the minimum cut-off score to pass is 280.


CSCA Eligibility

CSCA Eligibility


Anyone of the qualifications like ACCA, CA, CFA, CPA, CIA, CMA US, CMA India etc.


IMA Membership. Payment of the CSCA exam registration fee to the IMA.


Comply with the IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice.

It is to be noted, that, professionals without having above mentioned qualifications but have proven track record of their experience and expertise can also be considered as eligible in exception subject to approval by sending a request via email at

Maintaining Active Status

Keeping the CSCA Certification active: CSCA Certification Active

Upon obtaining the CSCA certification, one must keep it active and valid by maintaining an active IMA membership, through meeting CPE requirements (30 hours annually, 2 from ethics) and complying with the Statement of Ethical Professional Practice of IMA.

Cost of CSCA Examination

CSCA Exam Registration

Benefits of CSCA certification

Growing finance sectors, besides numerical jugglers, really demands efficient strategist to manage their financial matters. Here comes the tremendous opportunities for CSCA holders in essence. This involves career advancement for professionals who wants to see them as CFOs, Corporate Controllers etc. Since, CSCA certification is being considered as a hallmark of expertise in global perspective as a strategic decision maker, obtaining CSCA credential is be a strategic move to support your career progression.

CSCA Certification

Steps for CSCA Certification- The IMA Guide


Enroll in the program

Enter the CSCA program. If you are not already an IMA member, join IMA to receive full member benefits, or establish an IMA account.


Register for the exam

When you register for the CSCA exam, you will receive an exam authorization number.


Create your study plan

Leverage the various resources available to prepare for the exam. Decide on the combination of resources needed to craft your study plan.


Schedule the exam

Visit Prometric’s website to select your exam date. Exams are offered in March and September.

How to Prepare for the CSCA Exam? -The Hock-Uplift Way

Uplift Professional Academy in partnership with Hock International is providing internationally acclaimed Hock study material with question banks, mock tests etc. in an uniquely affordable study package for CSCA aspirants.

Click here to get the country-wise list of qualifications for CSCA eligibility

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