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What is FMAA

FMAA Eligibility

FMAA (Financial and Managerial Accounting Associate) is the new entrant from the portfolio of Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) that was introduced recently and is being considered as a path breaking foundational certification course for accounting and finance professionals. Acquiring the FMAA certification will help the professional, particularly at the entry level to make them more presentable to the present-day employers with solid foundational knowledge and upskilling in present and future accounting arena. With the current challenges faced by the accountants with the intrusion of technologies and shortage of well-equipped accountants, the FMAA certification is meant to break the traditional barriers to make the field wide open for not only the accounting field but also from other domains to make it accessible for any business professionals.

To Appear

Eligibility: FMAA

The beauty of this innovative curriculum is regardless of educational background, there are no prerequisites to pursue the FMAA certification course allowing business professionals as well as entry level personnels from every corner to attain this certification.

FMAA Marks Distribution

FMAA Syllabus

To get the FMAA certification, one must acquire knowledge in 5 below mentioned content domains with respective weightage of each section:

  • General accounting and financial management (25%)
  • Financial statement preparation and analysis (25%)
  • Planning and budgeting (20%)
  • Cost management and performance metrics (20%)
  • Professional ethics (10%)

FMAA Exam Format

The FMAA is a single part exam of 2 hours duration having 80 MCQs(Level A&B questions only) to answer. This exam is intended to evaluate the ability of the candidate to handle the core areas of accounting and finance.

Duration of the Study for FMAA Exam

An approximate study period 0f 70-80 hours is recommended for the preparation of the FMAA Exam

Exam Detail



Online Textbook

Test Bank with 700+ MCQs

Mock Exams

Online Training

Recorded Class

PassMap™ - Interactive Learning System

Study Plan


The above package comes to you at a *launching price of just 25,000 INR* until April 31st, 2024.

2024 Registration

FMAA Registration

As per IMA, it will start from January 2024 for the initial testing windows of March 2024 in English and exams will be conducted by Prometric centers across the globe.

FMAA Regulatory Board

FMAA at a Glance

  • Pass a Single Exam and get Certified
  • Only 80 MCQs and no essay type questions
  • No Requirement for educational and experience to sit for the FMAA exam
  • No Requirement of IMA Membership.

FMAA Exam Cost

FMAA Exam Registration Fee


FMAA Study Material and Coaching Fee of Uplift Professional
25,000 INR

Best Suited For

Who should do FMAA

  • Those who do not have a Bachelors’ degree but want to enter into a management accounting career
  • College/University students
  • Start-up accountants
  • Those who are still hesitant to take CMA US exam
  • Those who want to show their accounting ability in a quick manner
  • Non accounting students/professionals who want to start an accounting career.
FMAA certification

FMAA certification is going to play a major role in minimizing entry obstacles, thus, inviting individuals from various backgrounds in a pan industrial manner. FMAA offers a cost-effective and achievable roadmap where a quick global professional certification appears as a feather to any academic background- a true value addition itself.

Options Of Pursuing FMAA with Uplift Pro Academy

  • Single FMAA Study Package
  • Combo Package (FMAA+CMA US) Study Package

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