Why choose US CPA course: Practical benefits of being a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

Why do you want to become a US CPA (Certified Public Accountant)? What are the major benefits of being after completing US CPA course? Becoming a US CPA is an aspiration for many finance professionals and accountants. After all, it is a designation that is synonymous with accounting for many in the field. Before jumping to hidden benefits, let’s look in to US CPA course.

Practical Benefits of US CPA course in India
Practical benefits of US CPA course in India

US CPA course overview

CPA US course is one the most sought accounting qualification across the globe. The CPA US in India is considered as equivalent to the Indian CA. Since US CPA course has worldwide acceptance, its scope is not restricted to one particular country. Hence a US CPA holder has plenty of job opportunities worldwide.

The attractive part of the course is that it can be completed in a year. Another, key change is that the bodies involved in smooth conducting of US CPA exam in India, namely, American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) have announced to continue CPA exams test centers in India.

Most CPAs agree that becoming a US CPA completely transformed their career. When you get your CPA license, it opens a wide range of opportunities both in India and abroad. Therefore, let’s take a brief look about the top benefits.

Top benefits of US CPA are as below:

A. Prestige and Respect

B. Increased Salary

c. Increased job stability

D. Career Development

Prestige and Respect

Even people who know nothing about accounting know what a CPA is. It’s a well-respected career, both within and outside of the accounting world, and you’ll feel good presenting your profession to your family, friends and colleagues. While having a high-paying, stable career is great, being happy and enjoying your career is a huge part of your life, and gaining your CPA credential will help you feel fulfilled now and into the future.

We all are aware of Certified Public Accountant i.e. US CPA in India, a globally recognized course generally equivalent to the title of chartered accountant. In the United States, CPA is considered as a license to provide accounting service to the public.

US CPAs are considered trusted advisors and is considered to be the highest level of certification, earned by an accountant. Also, the CPA title separates you from others and allows you to count yourself as a member among one of the most highly respected and prestigious professions.

In India, accounting professionals can too be a part of this elite group. The US CPA exam in India is difficult but it is definitely PASSABLE. It does take hard work to pass the exams, but that effort leads you to the pathway of grabbing the title of US CPA.

Increased Salary

Completing US CPA course helps professionals to make more money for the same job than they would if they did not hold the CPA license.  It widely noted that US CPAs get more than 15-20% more than non-CPAs working in accounting-related jobs.

Research also confirmed that the pay gap is as high as 50% between a CPA and a non-CPA. The variation in salaries reflects differences in the size of a firm, the location, level of education, and professional credentials.

According to the 2020 Robert Half Salary Guide for Accounting and Finance Professionals, hiring managers in almost each and every enterprise are scrambling to discover professional accounting and finance professionals, in particular CPAs.

In the public accounting sector, for instance, the revenue midpoint (or median countrywide salary) for a senior manager/director for audit/assurance offerings is $134,000, and for a senior manager/director in tax services, it’s $136,750.

In Middle East countries a CPA at an entry-level with less than a year experience can expect to earn an average annual salary of AED 85,000 (including perks and other benefits).

US Certified Public Accountants Salary in India

 In India a fresh CPA starts with an average annual salary of INR 7 Lakhs in a Big4 or MNC. The salary of a CPA increases at a higher rate than his non-certified peers. A CFO in India earns within average monthly salary of INR 12-25 Lakhs.

Increased job stability

One of the major benefits of CPA licenses is that they open up industry doors that are closed to un-licensed accountants. The CPA certification is not something you can get through education or a degree alone. Thus, it is even more prestigious.

With the job market constantly changing driven by pandemic situation, it’s important to feel secure in your job. Also, many accounting processes are becoming more automated, it’s important to stay relevant in the market with value addition.

Completion of US CPA course helps professional to sharpen their critical thinking and application, and those with the US CPA license prove that they’re worth in any organization. Even in economic uncertainty, the US CPA is a powerful certification, and you’ll find stability within the profession at all points during your career.

Career Development

Being an US CPA isn’t just a job, it’s actually a whole series of jobs and stepping stones that would conclude into an amazing career. The US CPA course opens up new opportunities including greater career path choices from which to choose. This can also open opportunities to get jobs abroad or new local opportunities and at a large or small accounting practice.

As the number of US CPA in India is visibly less in the Indian Market, the majority of the companies are sponsoring the CPAs. Also, there are a plethora of jobs in Financial Planning and Analysis, Taxation, Auditing, and different profiles in India. Few of the prominent companies that are hiring Certified Public Professionals include Genpact, Philips, Deloitte, Accenture, Cognizant, etc. 

Earning your US CPA course is a lengthy process and one that will cost a lot of money to see through to the end. However, the benefits of being a CPA will more than pay for themselves. Most people who decide to pursue the CPA feel confident that the ROI is worth it. Perks of being a CPA include an increase in salary, a diverse selection of job opportunities, job security, and other benefits like the opportunity to travel.

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