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From Bench to Board Room: Uplift Pro’s à la carte Menu for Finance Pros

Have you just passed your final school board exam or a college student with a commerce or non-commerce background and want to build your career in the accounting and finance domain? Wanna get a decent job in MNCs? If yes, this is for you. You might acknowledge that in today’s competitive world having a mere academic degree is sub-optimum to achieve your dream.

Are you a working professional in the accounting and finance domain and want to spread your wings in corporate leadership in the boardroom? If yes, this is for you.

If you belong to either of the above categories, you must possess a globally recognized professional credential that suits you to reach your desired destination.

Uplift Professional Academy having various international collaborations, is serving the following platters at the most affordable price for your perusal.

  • Uplift-Surgent US CMA Platter

You need to be a graduate from any background to clear a 2-part online exam that can be done in an average of a maximum of 18 months. Being a partner of IMA and Surgent International, it offers a much higher pass rate on the first attempt. This is a top-order management accounting certification preferred by the MNCs.

  • Uplift-Surgent US CPA Platter

You need to have a post graduate qualification to write this 4-part online exam and have an inclination to hard core auditing jobs and want to pursue independent practice in the USA. Surgent’s unique AI based software is the key element here to pass the CPA exam with end-to-end support from Uplift Professionals.

If you want to build your career in US taxation and you do not have classified academic qualification, this is for you. Just clear the 3-part online exam in 6 months and get licensed from Internal Revenue Services (IRS) of the US government. You can do a job in taxation or can practice as a tax expert.

  • Uplift-Hock CIA Platter

Uplift Pro in partnership with Hock International, is presenting an effective study package to make you a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) at a much affordable price.

  • Uplift-Hock FMAA Platter

Are you just 12 pass or in college bench or still not confident to take CMA US? Here is the foundation course of limited duration single exam menu to get an international management accounting certification from IMA. This new course launched by IMA is being considered to have big promises.

  • Uplift-Hock CSCA Platter

This recent curriculum from IMA is meant for seasoned accounting professionals who want to expand their strategic management expertise. CSCA certification is meant for those who want to see them sitting in the boardroom as CFOs or higher ups. The one and only Hock International’s unique study material with Uplift Professional’s mentoring support can fulfil your dream in a decent way.

So, Hurry Up! Select your desired platter from the menu above and carry on.

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US CMA Credential Evolving

The Future of Management Accounting: How the US CMA Credential is Evolving

In the era of fast-track metamorphosis of the business landscape, the role of management accountants appears to be more crucial in handling more information to come out with a meaningful strategic decision-making approach. From the cocoon of cost accounting and bookkeeping, management accounting is evolving towards the wider spectrum of decision-making ability for the profit-making of a company. With the advancement of technology, management accounting is embracing the related technologies for greater value addition to the organization. Thus, the future of management accounting is more dynamic and attractive than idealized in the past.

Being a credible globally accepted professional accounting qualification, US CMA is also evolving at a greater pace with integrated comprehensive skill sets, strategic decision making, effective networking as well as providing competitive salary and the scope of career advancements.

Listed below are some of the salient inputs transforming the management accounting and US CMA credential to evolve in an innovative manner:

  • Technology Integration:

Management accounting, like many other fields, is likely to see increased integration of technology. This could include the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation tools to enhance decision-making processes and improve efficiency included in the US CMA credential curriculum.

  • Data Analytics and Big Data:

The growing importance of data analytics and big data in business decision-making is expected to influence the role of management accountants. Professionals like US CMA credential holders with the ability to analyze and interpret large sets of data will likely be in high demand.

  • Globalization:

With businesses becoming more global, management accountants may need to adapt to the challenges and opportunities posed by international markets. This may include considerations of diverse regulatory environments, currency fluctuations, and varying business practices under the skill set of US CMA credential.

  • Focus on Strategic Decision-Making:

Management accountants are increasingly seen as strategic partners in the decision-making process. The US CMA credential may evolve to place more emphasis on strategic management skills, including risk management, performance measurement, and strategic planning.

  • Sustainability Reporting:

There is a growing trend towards sustainability reporting and corporate social responsibility. Management accountants having US CMA credential, may find themselves involved in tracking and reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics.

  • Continuous Professional Development:

The nature of the US CMA credential might evolve to include more emphasis on continuous learning and professional development. This is essential in a rapidly changing business environment where staying current with industry trends and new technologies is crucial.


Considering the dynamicity of industrial demand in the accounting and finance sector with the advent of invasive technological developments, the future of management accounting is evolving to cope with the increasing demand. As the repetitive accounting jobs are going to be at stake due to automation, US CMA credential is also evolving with competitive adaptations to make a future-proof management accountant who can amalgamate the accounting skill and related technologies to make strategic financial decisions.

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US CMA Study Plan | Uplift Professionals

The US CMA refers to an advanced professional certification which plays an integral role in brushing the financial and accounting management skills and boosting the career. If your primary career goal at this point is passing this exam at one go, you need to have a well structured US CMA study plan, tailored to meet your requirements. As you take a close look at this plan, you can set realistic goals, and pass the CMA examination with flying colors.

Take out sufficient time to study

You need to keep in mind that passing the US CMA examination is not a walk in the park. You need to dedicate several hours of your day to studies for every part of the examination. You require making hard schedules and take out time for study. Take a thorough look at your weekly activities and take out the right time for studying.

It is possible to create a CMA study plan with the aid of 2 different criteria which include

  • Hour-based study plan
  • Deadline-based study plan

Hour-based CMA study plan

This study plan is developed, keeping the testing date in mind and the total amount of time, you have in hand, for study. You require choosing a testing date and then draft a plan. Thus, you will make the preparations according to the time, remaining left.

 You need to take a look at the calendar and mark those days where you cannot study owing to unavoidable circumstances. Now, you need to calculate the number of hours, for which you can study every week. Next, you need to calculate the number of weeks, you require for reaching the total count of the study hours. It is essential to choose a testing date, close to the testing window so that there is sufficient time for rescheduling, as required.

Deadline-based CMA study plan

At first, you need to check out how much of the CMA study materials, you have covered. Now, you need to mark the deadline on any calendar. After this, you require marking off those specific days, on which you will not be capable of studying. After this, it is essential to calculate the total count of weeks from the specific time; you will start the studies till the deadline. Now, you require dividing the total count of weeks by the total number of hours, you should study for getting the total count of hours, you have to study every week for passing the examination.

Opt for a CMA Review Course

The first step, you need to follow for designating the CMA study plan is enrolling in the CMA review course. These courses can enhance your chances of passing the examination significantly. They contain all the core concepts, examination tips, as well as coaching support which can maximize the study time. As you enroll for them, you will get video tutorials, textbooks, and test banks along with practical examination papers. In addition to this, you will get one to one coaching which will help you in clearing all your doubts.

Developing a study plan

You can develop the study plan as per the deadline or hourly based plan, as mentioned above.

Avoid distractions

To boost your concentration, you need to cut out on non-productive activities such as social networking, watching television, or going for parties. After your regular office work, you need to study with full concentration so that you can cover the study materials within the deadline. You need to understand that the CMA exam is your topmost priority and hence you need to get rid of social obligations, happy hours with your friends, and other unnecessary events.


Spend at least 15-20 minutes at the end of the week and evaluate whether you have studied, according to the CMA study plan, you have created. Assess whether you were capable of sticking to the daily plans? With the regular evaluations, you will be capable of finding a weakness, with your preparations. This will help you to be more efficient in your studies. In case you figured out that the long study sessions were inefficient and boring, it is recommended to add more breaks.

Find motivation

At times, too much work and studies might make your life monotonous. In such cases, it is recommended to find a motivation to enhance your concentration. You might call a friend; find another co-worker, making preparations for the same examination, exchange notes with them. In addition to this, you are allowed to have a cheat day where you can enjoy some ‘me time’ and have some fun with your buddies. However, refrain from doing it too often as it might end up wasting too much of your precious time. 

By introducing small changes in your routine and be more dedicated to your studies, you can pass the examination at the first attempt. You need to keep in mind that you need to manage your study and work time effectively. Make the best use of 24 hours every week for the preparation. 

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