Pursuing US CMA Along with B.Com

Why Should You Pursue CMA US Simultaneously with Your B.Com Course?

Pursuing a CMA US (Certified Management Accountant) certification from the US alongside a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree can be a strategic and beneficial decision for several reasons as mentioned below:

1. Enhanced Career Opportunities:

Combining a B.Com degree with a CMA US certification can open up numerous career paths in fields like financial analysis, management accounting, corporate finance, and auditing. This combination is highly valued by employers, particularly in multinational corporations that prefer candidates with a strong grounding in management accounting and a globally recognized certification.

2. Global Recognition:

The CMA US credential is recognized internationally and known for its focus on financial management and strategic decision-making. This global recognition can significantly boost your career prospects, not just in your home country but also abroad.

3. Higher Earning Potential:

US CMAs generally earn a higher salary than their non-certified counterparts. The certification demonstrates your ability to add value to an organization through cost management, financial analysis, and strategic planning, making you a more attractive candidate for high-paying roles.

4. Skill Development:

The CMA US curriculum includes advanced topics in management and financial accounting, corporate finance, risk management, and decision analysis. These skills complement the more general commerce subjects covered in a B.Com, providing a more comprehensive skill set that enhances your expertise and capability in handling complex financial scenarios.

5. Networking Opportunities:

Being part of the CMA US network gives you access to a professional community of management accountants across the globe. This can be invaluable for professional growth, mentoring, and finding potential job opportunities.

6. Strategic Positioning:

With the trend of business decisions increasingly driven by financial insights and data analysis, having a CMA can position you strategically in your career. It equips you with the necessary skills to contribute to executive-level decision-making processes.

7. Educational Synergies:

Studying for the CMA US exam while completing a B.Com can reinforce your academic learning. The practical, application-based learning in CMA US can deepen your understanding of concepts covered in B.Com, making your study more integrated and applied.

8. Time Efficiency:

Completing the CMA US certification while still in university can be time-efficient, allowing you to enter the workforce with both a degree and a professional certification. This can significantly shorten the time it takes to reach key career milestones.

9. Personal Growth:

The challenge of balancing both studies can foster significant personal development, including time management, self-discipline, and a strong work ethic, which are crucial traits in the business world.

10 Job Opportunities:

Having both B.Com (an academic qualification) and CMA US (an international  professional qualification) always has a much greater potential to get a decent job than having only a B.Com degree in the current competitive job market.

In summary, pursuing a CMA US alongside a B.Com can significantly enhance your qualifications, make you more competitive in the job market, and prepare you for a successful career in various fields of finance and management. It’s a demanding path but one that offers considerable rewards in terms of career advancement and personal satisfaction.

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Eligibility for US CMA Exam

Navigating the Eligibility Criteria for the CMA US Exam: What You Need to Know

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA US) is a professional certification in financial management and management accounting. The CMA US credential is offered by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) in the United States. To become a CMA US, candidates must pass a rigorous two-part exam and meet certain eligibility criteria. Here is what you need to know about navigating the eligibility criteria for the CMA US exam:

Educational Requirements:

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. However, the degree can be in any field, not necessarily accounting or finance.

Alternatively, candidates can also pursue the CMA US program without a bachelor’s degree, but they must have completed a certain level of education and work experience. This typically includes a combination of a high school diploma or equivalent and two years of relevant work experience.

Work Experience:

Candidates with a bachelor’s degree must have at least two years of continuous professional experience in management accounting or financial management. This experience can be gained before or after passing the CMA US exam.

Membership in the IMA:

Candidates must become members of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) before they can register for the CMA US exam. Membership provides access to study resources, networking opportunities, and other benefits.

Exam Registration:

Once candidates meet the eligibility requirements, they can register for the CMA US exam through the IMA website or by contacting the IMA directly.

The CMA US exam consists of two parts: Part 1 – Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics, and Part 2 – Strategic Financial Management. Candidates can choose the order in which they take the exam parts.

Each exam part consists of multiple-choice questions and essays that assess candidates’ knowledge and skills in various areas of management accounting and financial management.

Exam Preparation:

Candidates should prepare thoroughly for the exam by studying the exam content outline provided by the IMA.

There are various study materials available, including textbooks, online courses, practice exams, and review courses offered by third-party providers. It is also advisable to enrol with a CMA US coaching Institute like Uplift Professionals Academy to pass the CMA US exam at first attempt.

Exam Administration:

The CMA US exam is administered at Prometric test centres worldwide. Candidates can schedule their exam appointments through the Prometric website.

The exam is offered during three testing windows each year: January-February, May-June, and September-October. Candidates can choose the testing window that best fits their schedule.


Overall, navigating the eligibility criteria for the CMA US exam involves ensuring that candidates meet the educational and work experience requirements, becoming members of the IMA, registering for the exam, preparing thoroughly, and scheduling their exam appointments. By fulfilling these requirements and adequately preparing for the exam, candidates can increase their chances of success in earning the CMA US credential.

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US CMA Exam Dates

US CMA Exam Dates 2024

The US CMA (Certified Management Accountant) Exam is a professional certification for management accountants. It consists of two parts covering topics such as financial planning, performance, analytics, and strategic financial management, risk analysis, decision making and ethics. To prepare for the US CMA exam dates 2024, create a study plan, use official IMA materials, practice with sample questions, and consider joining a review course cum training institute. Check the IMA website for exam details, eligibility requirements, and registration information.

US CMA Exam Dates: The US CMA Exam is offered during three testing windows each year. These windows are typically in the following months:January and February, May and June, September and October respectively. You can book your seat in your nearest Prometric on any weekday (Monday to Friday) during the above months of the year.

Selection of your US CMA Exam dates should be well planned from atleast 2 months earlier depending on your preparation level and marks obtained in the mocks. Institutions like Uplift Professionals Academy will ask you discuss with personal CMA US Mentor on your time bound preparedness of both MCQs and Essays before giving you a green signal to go ahead and select your US CMA Exam Date.

A few changes are made in the US CMA Exam w.e.f. Sept 2024:

  1. The US CMA Learning Outcome Statements (the LOS or CMA US syllabus) are changing from the September/October 2024 window. This could include changes to topic weighting, addition of new areas and /or revisions to existing ones.
  2. Technology Integration: In order to reflect the role of technology in management accounting, the syllabus may include more information on data analytics, automation, and digital technologies.
  3. Ethical Considerations: The emphasis on ethical behavior and professional behavior may be increased, with a greater emphasis on ethics and governance-related themes.
We will write about the 2024 CMA US Syllabus Change in our next blog in detail.
To prepare for the US CMA Exam dates in 2024, start by creating a study schedule and focusing on each exam part. Utilize official study materials, practice questions, and consider joining a review course through quality mentoring from a coaching institute like Uplift Professionals Academy. Stay updated on exam changes, review the content specifications, and take mock exams to assess your progress. Plan to register for the respective US CMA exam dates 2024  well in advance and allocate sufficient time for review before each section. Good luck!

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Uplift Pro's Alacarte Accounting Courses

From Bench to Board Room: Uplift Pro’s à la carte Menu for Finance Pros

Have you just passed your final school board exam or a college student with a commerce or non-commerce background and want to build your career in the accounting and finance domain? Wanna get a decent job in MNCs? If yes, this is for you. You might acknowledge that in today’s competitive world having a mere academic degree is sub-optimum to achieve your dream.

Are you a working professional in the accounting and finance domain and want to spread your wings in corporate leadership in the boardroom? If yes, this is for you.

If you belong to either of the above categories, you must possess a globally recognized professional credential that suits you to reach your desired destination.

Uplift Professional Academy having various international collaborations, is serving the following platters at the most affordable price for your perusal.

  • Uplift-Surgent US CMA Platter

You need to be a graduate from any background to clear a 2-part online exam that can be done in an average of a maximum of 18 months. Being a partner of IMA and Surgent International, it offers a much higher pass rate on the first attempt. This is a top-order management accounting certification preferred by the MNCs.

  • Uplift-Surgent US CPA Platter

You need to have a post graduate qualification to write this 4-part online exam and have an inclination to hard core auditing jobs and want to pursue independent practice in the USA. Surgent’s unique AI based software is the key element here to pass the CPA exam with end-to-end support from Uplift Professionals.

If you want to build your career in US taxation and you do not have classified academic qualification, this is for you. Just clear the 3-part online exam in 6 months and get licensed from Internal Revenue Services (IRS) of the US government. You can do a job in taxation or can practice as a tax expert.

  • Uplift-Hock CIA Platter

Uplift Pro in partnership with Hock International, is presenting an effective study package to make you a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) at a much affordable price.

  • Uplift-Hock FMAA Platter

Are you just 12 pass or in college bench or still not confident to take CMA US? Here is the foundation course of limited duration single exam menu to get an international management accounting certification from IMA. This new course launched by IMA is being considered to have big promises.

  • Uplift-Hock CSCA Platter

This recent curriculum from IMA is meant for seasoned accounting professionals who want to expand their strategic management expertise. CSCA certification is meant for those who want to see them sitting in the boardroom as CFOs or higher ups. The one and only Hock International’s unique study material with Uplift Professional’s mentoring support can fulfil your dream in a decent way.

So, Hurry Up! Select your desired platter from the menu above and carry on.

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US CMA Credential Evolving

The Future of Management Accounting: How the US CMA Credential is Evolving

In the era of fast-track metamorphosis of the business landscape, the role of management accountants appears to be more crucial in handling more information to come out with a meaningful strategic decision-making approach. From the cocoon of cost accounting and bookkeeping, management accounting is evolving towards the wider spectrum of decision-making ability for the profit-making of a company. With the advancement of technology, management accounting is embracing the related technologies for greater value addition to the organization. Thus, the future of management accounting is more dynamic and attractive than idealized in the past.

Being a credible globally accepted professional accounting qualification, US CMA is also evolving at a greater pace with integrated comprehensive skill sets, strategic decision making, effective networking as well as providing competitive salary and the scope of career advancements.

Listed below are some of the salient inputs transforming the management accounting and US CMA credential to evolve in an innovative manner:

  • Technology Integration:

Management accounting, like many other fields, is likely to see increased integration of technology. This could include the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and automation tools to enhance decision-making processes and improve efficiency included in the US CMA credential curriculum.

  • Data Analytics and Big Data:

The growing importance of data analytics and big data in business decision-making is expected to influence the role of management accountants. Professionals like US CMA credential holders with the ability to analyze and interpret large sets of data will likely be in high demand.

  • Globalization:

With businesses becoming more global, management accountants may need to adapt to the challenges and opportunities posed by international markets. This may include considerations of diverse regulatory environments, currency fluctuations, and varying business practices under the skill set of US CMA credential.

  • Focus on Strategic Decision-Making:

Management accountants are increasingly seen as strategic partners in the decision-making process. The US CMA credential may evolve to place more emphasis on strategic management skills, including risk management, performance measurement, and strategic planning.

  • Sustainability Reporting:

There is a growing trend towards sustainability reporting and corporate social responsibility. Management accountants having US CMA credential, may find themselves involved in tracking and reporting on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics.

  • Continuous Professional Development:

The nature of the US CMA credential might evolve to include more emphasis on continuous learning and professional development. This is essential in a rapidly changing business environment where staying current with industry trends and new technologies is crucial.


Considering the dynamicity of industrial demand in the accounting and finance sector with the advent of invasive technological developments, the future of management accounting is evolving to cope with the increasing demand. As the repetitive accounting jobs are going to be at stake due to automation, US CMA credential is also evolving with competitive adaptations to make a future-proof management accountant who can amalgamate the accounting skill and related technologies to make strategic financial decisions.

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