US CPA course syllabus – Content area allocation

US CPA course syllabus - Content area allocation

US CPA Course includes 4 Papers :

1. AUDITING and ATTESTATION (AUD) [100 Marks – To Pass: 75 ]

·  The basic principles of auditing and designing of audit plans.

·  It enables you to learn and prepare audit reports with ease.

·  It encompasses compilation & attestation engagements to maintain a professional code of conduct during audit process.

·  You will have to give a demonstration of their awareness level with regards to International Auditing and their standards.

·  It also includes understanding risk assessment.

Content area allocationWeight
I. Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and General Principles15–25%
II. Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Response   20–30%
III. Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence30–40%
IV. Forming Conclusions and Reporting15–25%

2. FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING and REPORTING (FAR) [100 Marks – To Pass: 75 ]

·  The various aspects of the financial reporting practiced in the modern day business enterprises, or government entities.

·  The key differences between GAAP basis and IFRS basis.

·  The content which will help you to perform proper judgments in the application of principles in accounting.

·  Compilation, evaluation and analysis of financial statements, execution of calculations and identification of various financial and reporting methods.

Content area allocationWeight
I. Conceptual Framework, Standard-Setting and Financial Reporting25–35%
II. Select Financial Statement Accounts   30–40%
III. Select Transactions20–30%
IV. State and Local Governments5–15%

 3. REGULATION (REG) [100 Marks – To Pass: 75 ]

·  Tax concepts related to personal, partnership and corporate.

·  Capability to understand legal responsibilities

·  Tax implication and its various uses in business entities.

·  Various tax issues and its consequences, wherein they will have to make alternative treatment and its application in real life scenarios.

Content area allocationWeight
I. Ethics, Professional Responsibilities and Federal Tax Procedures10–20%
II. Business Law10–20%
III. Federal Taxation of Property Transactions   12–22%
IV. Federal Taxation of Individuals   15–25%

4.BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT and CONCEPTS (BEC) [100 Marks – To Pass: 75 Marks]

·  Business environment in general, and its core concepts.

·  Foundation grounding in accounting and are exposed to underlying reasons for accounting implications.

·  Financial management information technology, and business strategies in addition to accounting concepts.

·  Economic concepts, financial management, information systems and communications, strategic planning and operations management.

·  Testing to determine different business strategies with their knowledge in strategic planning and market risks.

·  Making financial decisions, forecasting trends in the market, and understanding internet’s implication in business.

Content area allocationWeight
I. Corporate Governance17–27%
II. Economic Concepts and Analysis17–27%
III. Financial Management11-21%
IV. Information Technology15-25%
V. Operations Management15-25%

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