Complete Guide to Enrolled Agent Study Materials

Complete Guide to Enrolled Agent Study Materials | Uplift Professionals

Once you decide to pursue the Enrolled Agent (EA) course, you need to look for quality study/review material to make your EA journey smoother with the aim to crack the Special Enrolment Examination (SEE) on the first attempt. In this venture, you can find EA study materials from different international publishers having their pros and cons.

However, you must opt for the one which suits you better in terms of your apprehension and budgetary restraints. Since different EA exam study materials suit different candidates according to their individual backgrounds and learning styles, it is difficult to pinpoint any material to be better or best. Here we are going to discuss some of these prime study materials to help you find the optimum study material which should serve your purpose to clear the EA exam.

Popular EA Exam Study Materials

  • Gleim

Gleim EA Review/study material contains everything you require to pass the EA exam and is the most widely used EA review course on the market. Gleim EA exam study material is considered to have the largest test bank available with top quality exam questions containing vividly detailed answer explanations. This material is a comprehensive guided self-study review course integrating MCQs, Videos, Flashcards, and support. For candidates who have some tax background and want to learn through practicing mock questions for the EA exam, Gleim EA exam study material should be their cup of tea, although it does not mean that others will not get benefitted. The cost is on the higher side.

  • Surgent

Surgent is also a major publisher of EA exam study materials with much repute. They are pioneers in developing an e-learning interactive platform for EA exam candidates which learn and evaluate the potential of the candidate through the answer provided. This adaptive learning technology analyses and identifies the weakest area on the topic for each study session. This helps the candidate to make a strength-weakness analysis and helps to focus on the weaker sections/areas. This feature helps to reduce the study time in a considerable manner. It also tells the candidate whether he/she is ready for the EA exam or not. Cost is relatively lesser than Gleim but support is also poor than Gleim.

  • Lambers

Lambers is also an international player as a publisher of EA exam study materials. Although content-wise, some people may not consider this as in the same bracket as Gleim or Surgent, Lambers also the choice of some EA candidates who find it suitable as per their learning pattern and mindset. One of the unique features of Lambers EA exam study material is that it has 450 digital flashcards in addition to other EA course material. If you like to learn by answering flashcards, Lambers can be your choice. Cost lesser than above two.

  • Fast Forward

This is one of the affordable EA exam study materials containing all the required elements for the EA exam. A user-friendly study material with a vast number of MCQs in the data bank. The software also tracks your performance in the mock tests and tells you about your exam readiness. However, the answer explanations are not in-depth as it is there in the Gleim material. Since it is more comprehensive and affordable than others mentioned above this has been preferred by many of the EA exam aspirants.

EA Test Bank

The EA exam contains 300 MCQs with wide coverage. Hence, one must practice a lot of questions to get through. A test bank is basically a collection of MCQs like those on the exam. Briefly, using a test bank allows you to become more familiar with the exam content and testing environment. It also helps you avoid memorizing the questions. 


If you are a serious candidate who wants to pass on the first try, the Gleim EA exam can be chosen for several reasons. Among a few, Gleim EA Review is a preferred provider for the NATP (National Association of Tax Professionals). Furthermore, it also has the best practice questions. While EA test bank size varies, Gleim and Fast Forward have the best test banks on the market. Additionally, Gleim EA Review provides unlimited practice exams so you can study what you need and be fully prepared on exam day. Last but not the least, whatever EA exam study material you select, should match your learning style. So, get…set and go.

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