How To Stay Productive At The Time Of Pandemic | Uplift Professionals

When COVID pandemic is extending its arms and there is still no sign of neutralization, our options and avenues are getting stumbled day by day. In order to float our economy boosting activity, the ultimate mantra is to maintain our productivity and prevent it from downfall as well as protecting the human resources at the same time.

One of the approach to combat the pandemic keeping our productivity intact is the model of ” work from home”.

Since, we at Uplift Professionals are avidly concerned about this situation, we want to share some tips to keep your productivity optimum while working from home.

1) Remembering your Schedule: Prepare a schedule in advance and keep it in your reminder app. When you are working from home, you might feel a different comfort zone than your office. Due to this, you can obviously be more clement towords the time frame.Keeping a routine in advance and reminding it on time would be a great advantage.

2)Avoid Diversions: It is better to maintain a zone of solitude around yourself i. e. isolating from home affairs, family distractions within the prepared schedule. This can include switching off additional phones, tabs, televisions etc.

3) Drawing boundary between you and family members: Background ambience is important because overlapping of work and home affairs at the same time has negative impact on productivity. Hence isolate yourself to some extent.

4) Coordination with team members: Meetings scheduled at a particular time of the work schedule can help to increase productivity through exchange of views, suggestions etc and at the same time reduces the stress.

5) Task adjustment: Use of work management tools like ‘ Task World’ or others can bring adjustment between tasks and deadlines mimicking an office environment.

6) Time based review and break: Take a break at certain points of work schedule. Measure the efforts you put and evaluate whether you are lagging or your inputs are optimum. This also is important to identify the areas that demand improvement.

Last but not least, when we are struggling to keep our productivity on please let’s not put our health at stake at any point.