Increasing Productivity Through Healthy Competitions – The UPLIFT Way


The intrateam competition is a two edged sword having two facets. In one hand, it can induce individual motivation to unravel level based performances. On the contrary, it can trigger strife and dissent among the team members. Particularly, the later can disrupt the dynamicity of the team through self interest.

Let us discuss the collective ways by which a leader can motivate the team members to boost the overall productivity surpassing the negative circumstances.

1) Encouraging collective importance: Every member should be concerned with the positive outcome of the team rather than individual contributions for every action based performances. In this regard, it has to be kept in mind, that whatever benefit is about to come should be bestowed as a whole on the basis of mutual understanding.

2)Attainment of personal target: Being a leader, based on the strength weakness analysis, you should assign tasks to the team members so that they can flourish both in personal and professional arenas in an amicable work environment. Identification of right skill in the concerned person is a key issue for encouragement towards a healthy competition.

3)Giving importance to everyone: In any organisation, there are coexistence of outstanding, mediocre and low performers. A competition should not create mental disparity among ordinary performers towards the higher skilled one. Hence, it is wiser to encourage the underperformers too for gaining their support for the performers in terms of mutual benefit.

4)Delivering productive feedback: A feedback can be both positive and negative. From an employer’s standpoint, while giving feedback is a basic responsibility, a negative feedback can breach the self esteem of an employee, a positive feedback can also appear damaging if given in wrong undeserved manner. Henceforth, it is obvious to maintain an equilibrium in feedback system. One of the approach is to drop-ship negative feedbacks in a positive package as a constructive criticism.

5) Rewards and recognition: Felicitation of team members in every possible situation can elevate their confidence level, they would be much happier and will be more akin to take further challenges. Any token of appreciation in the form of bonus, incentives, internal certification, greetings can trigger the “feel good hormone” dopamine in the hypothalamas of the brain that has a positive impact on the performance level.

6) Self competition: Generating competition against inner self is a crucial factor for self improvement which throws new challenges to outperform and raise the bar within. This has positive outcome towards productivity through desirable healthy competitions. 

So knowing your people and preventing their work related boredom has immense value to increase the overall productivity and create a win-win situation for all. A true leader does that.

Have you ever encountered these situations in your working group? Do you want to increase your productivity through healthy competitions? 

Try these tips upto any extent possible.

Uplift the professional in you.


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