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By now, you have finished your preparation for the US CMA exam, opted for your exam window accordingly, next comes the D-Day for writing the exam. It is evident that having enough preparation and practice, you are quite confident to write the exam. Beyond that, it is obvious that you have to have optimum coordination between mind and body in a particular day and time keeping aside the stress and tensions much as possible. Here, we are going to discuss some vital tips applicable on the exam day to help you better in fetching higher scores in US CMA exam.

US CMA exam tips-2021- Uplift Pro- Best US CMA course training in India

Tips to score high marks in US CMA exam

1. Time Management

US CMA exam is of 4 hours duration where 3 hours allocated for MCQs and 1 hour for the essays. Hence, effective management of stipulated time is vital to clear the exam. Since there are 100 questions on both parts of the US CMA exam, squandering an average of 1.5 minutes per question will allow you a time of 30 minutes prior to attempt the essay questions. Out of this 30 minute, you can also split 15 minutes for reviewing the MCQs and remaining 15 minutes to browse the essays. A prior practice in this manner before exam will give you cumulative positive effects. Moreover, having 10-15 minutes extracted from the total exam duration will provide ample scope of proofreading and correction of your answers if required.

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2.Keeping your Body Well Balanced

It is important to keep your body away from getting dehydrated which can hamper the body-mind coordination. So, it is better to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water before the exam day. To avoid fatigue on the exam day, which can obstruct your concentrations, it is advisable to have a good night sleep before the exam day.

3.Journey to the Exam Centre

Make a plan to reach the exam centre at least 1 hour before the scheduled exam time. This will allow you sometime to get acquainted with the exam process in a more relaxed manner. Since, checking in for the US CMA exam takes around 30 minutes, before time arrival is very important. Keep it in mind, that, a more than 15 minute late arrival beyond the scheduled appointment can result a denial to sit for the exam and forfeiting of the registration fee.

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4.Documents Required on the Exam Day

This include the authorization letter, your ID proof and appointment confirmation e mail. Please note that your name in the ID should exactly match your name in the authorization letter. Apart from the above documents, you are permitted to carry a basic non programmable calculator to be used in your US CMA exam.

5. Checking with the Test Centre Administrator(TCA)

Upon arrival at the test center, you should meet the respective TCA with your valid documents followed by signing the log book. You have to keep your personal belongings into the locker provided to you by the exam centre.

6. Security Procedures

This involve biometric documentation like taking your finger prints and getting yourself photographed. Then there is personal checking of your pockets and finally to cross the metal detector.

7. The Rules and Regulations

Listen carefully to the rules and regulations of the testing centre explained to you by the authorities.

8. Supplies for You in the Exam Centre

In US CMA exam, the centre provides you a pair of no.2 pencils and some blanc papers for your rough work and calculations for use during the exam. After that, you will get access to your allocated computer to begin the actual test process. At any point of the above procedures, if you have any questions or need any clarification, don’t hesitate to ask the TCA. Even, if you need any assistance during the course of the exam, you can raise your hand to draw attention of the TCA who will be there to assist you.

Finally, it has to be noted, that the amount of time remaining for the exam will be displayed at the top of your testing screen for which you can also activate the “Clock Icon” of the computer. Furthermore, you will also receive online notifications when there are 15 minutes and 5 minutes of time remaining respectively.


To sum up, on the exam day, take the US CMA exam casually and in a relaxed state. Use the above guidance/tips to remain tension free on the exam day and be confident to obtain good scores in the CMA US exam. Congratulations in advance. Happy to Help.

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