Lowest US CMA Fees now in India – Get 60% discount in IMA and Uplift Fees till April 30th, 2023

US CMA course (Certified Management Accountant) is one of the top most qualification in financial accounting and strategic management. While it does require both financial and time investments, this investments will help in multiple benefits. It is equally important to choose an institute with provide quality education and with affordable US CMA course fee. In this terrible times of COVID-19, in order to inspire genuine students, Uplift Pro – the pioneers in live online CMA course classes is offering one of the lowest US CMA course fees in India. The institute is offering a discount of 60% in your US CMA course fee and IMA fee till 30th April 2021.

Uplift Pro is proud to have some of the best CMA/CPA mentors in its team. Hence we never compromise on the quality part and provide you a guarantee “Till You Pass”.

Lowest US CMA Fees now in India – Get 60% discount in IMA and Uplift Fees till April 30th, 2021

US CMA course overview and impact of COVID-19

Acquiring a US CMA is an aspiration for all finance professionals. This helps professionals in faster career progression and earning potential. As per the latest Global Salary Survey 2021, from IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) it was revealed that a median salary of a CMA professional is above 58% higher than non-CMAs.

With the second wave of COVID-19, there are signs that the pandemic will create a huge negative impact in both economy of all countries as well as in personal life. This has also affected students as the earnings of their families got affected. Further, it’s important for professionals to consider this slowdown as an opportunity to up skill themselves by joining professional courses. There are multiple courses in finance sector and one of the trending qualification is US CMA course. This course takes lesser time to complete and can be cleared in 7 to 9 months’ time.

Though finance industry also got affected, experts says that finance professionals with good qualification will survive faster than rest. This is true as the latest IMA Global Salary Survey states that the impact of COVID-19 on CMAs including US CMA’s were less impacted in their jobs than compared to non-CMAs. Further, only 9% of CMA professional is likely to change a job than a non-CMA, which stands at 21%.

US CMA course fees

The below table shows a breakdown of US CMA course fees structure as well as the current discounts from Uplift Pro.

A total discount of 60% in US CMA COURSE fee including IMA fee till 30th April 2021

As mentioned in the above paragraph, Uplift Pro is helping genuine students by making the CMA study packages more flexible. Now you can directly join the live online classes led by expert faculty members at a minimum cost. Uplift pro will help students with free detailed notes to follow the classes until students are confident enough to invest more.

With US CMA qualification, a professional can fully compensates for the CMA exam fees and investment for CMA certification.

Choose the best US CMA institute in India, Africa, and Middle East – Uplift Pro

Uplift Pro is one of the top training institutes for the US CPA, US CMA course, US CIA courses in India, Africa, and Middle East. Uplift Pro is also an Indian partner of GLEIM, US and an IMA US authorized CMA US study center. Our team consists of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs from IIEST, IITs, London Business School, and ULCA who have decided to provide a strong backup to young ambitious students and professionals to reach their desired career destinations in an organized way.

Some of our exclusive features include

Uplift Pro- Authorized partner of IMA US CMA in India

A. Authorized partner of IMA US CMA course in India

B. Live online classes ensuring that the regular office working hours is least impacted

C. 1:1 personal support from our 30 plus years of experienced CMA certified faculties

D. Affordable US CMA course fees with special discount in your IMA fees. 

E. “Till you pass” guarantee assuring that you may attend our live online classes at no extra cost until you pass

F. Comprehensive coverage of US CMA course details including authorized GLEIM CMA study materials , class mock session,  IMA registration and job assistance.

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