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With time, many of us are now familiar with the US CMA course and certification process. It is quite evident that US CMA is considered as a gold standard in management accounting and financial planning as it involve highest standard of professional skill and ethics.

US CMA certification is offered by IMA and is a global credential, a good value addition to one’s resume having immense career growth potential. Knowing all the above fact and gaining information about the exam procedures, preparation, cost etc.,the vital question still exists.

Why one should pursue US CMA? To address this, we have to consider three main aspects i.e. job opportunities, pay package and job satisfaction which play pivotal role in opting US CMA course for students/professionals in accounts/finance areas, particularly in India and the Middle East regions. Let’s discuss these 3 pillars in following sections.

The brighter side of US CMA course - Jobs in India and Middle East - Uplift Pro

A. Job Opportunities of US CMA

It is obvious that one should try to grab a professional certification like US CMA to get a descent job in this competitive market, to get a promotion in the present job or to relocate abroad either through an international project or getting an overseas assignment. In the Indian scenario we have observed a revolution in corporate ventures with the advent of globalization in Asian countries.

By now, as seen in the last decade, about 99% of the MNCs and big companies started functioning in India and Middle East are basically of US incorporated,  either directly or as a subsidiary which raise funds or listed in US stock exchanges. All these companies are required to comply with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

For the sake of this compliance, the companies hire US CMA holders as most suitable for their internal accounting, financial analysis, decision making, costing, budgeting etc. To name a few such companies in India, which recruit US CMAs in different positions like financial analysts, accountants till the position of CFOs are Amazon, L&T, AT&T, Bank of America, Cargill, Hewlett-Packard, PWC, E&Y etc.

Among the Middle East countries, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have the most number of IMA members representing 35%, 25% and 13% respectively. The job profiles include Financial Controller, Zakat and Taxes Supervisor, Senior Accountant, Budgeting Section Head, Group Internal Auditor, Financial Analyst etc.

The major recruiters among many include companies like  Khobar, Harvest, CMACGM, Honeywell, Al Futtaim Group, Vodafone, Oriental Insurance etc. Notably, in the Gulf, Dubai becomes the top job provider for US CMAs. Some of the Dubai based companies which hire US CMAs are Ceva Logistics, TMF Group, Transmed, Kitapi, Huhtamaki Group, KPMG, Phantom Associates, Milliman, Amazon, Sffeco Global at entry, middle and senior levels of accounting and financial management.

It has been noted that the highest number of employment for US CMAs  are from the Finance /Insurance/Real Estate sectors followed by the Manufacturing Industry( Figure 1).

Job Opportunities of US CMA
Figure 1

B. US CMA Salary in India and Middle East

As per the latest Middle East/Africa/India(MEAI) US CMA salary survey 2021 by IMA, a median salary of a CMA USA course professional, is about 76% higher than Non CMAs. The survey further reflect the median total compensation in India stands at USD 16,300 as compared to salary in MEAI (USD 27000) and globally ( USD 67,500) as depicted in figure 2. Furthermore, US CMA holders in India, has an average total compensation of USD 29,685 which is 53% higher compared to Non CMAs in India(Figure 2)

US CMA course- US CMA Salary in India and Middle East- Uplift Pro
Figure 2

The salary difference in USD between US CMA holder and Non CMAs is also evident Middle East in Figure 3.where the range of salary also varies significantly within the region( Figure 4).

US CMA course- US CMA vs. Non CMA - Uplift Pro
Figure 3
US CMA course- Median salary- Uplift Pro
Figure 4

Figure 5 indicate the salary difference in USD at global level between US CMA holders and Non CMAs at different level of job designation where salary of US CMA goes higher with the level of seniority.

US CMA course- Compensation for US CMA vs. Non CMA - Uplift Pro
Figure 5

Compensation for US CMAs in USD according to the responsibility area has been shown in Figure 6. where  General Management and Risk Management comes among the highest order. Moreover, given the importance of oil and refinery in the Middle East, this sector demands the highest level of pay package followed by Government jobs. Median compensation in USD in such sectors are indicated in Figure 7.

US CMA course- Compensation for US CMAs - Uplift Pro
Figure 6
US CMA course- Compensation for US CMAs - Uplift Pro
Figure 7

C. US CMA Job Satisfaction

With increasing area-wise demand for US CMA course holders, the importance of these skilled professionals are also growing. Thus, the jobs they are getting in the familiar domains become more secured with better job satisfaction that help in the equal growth opportunities for the employee and the employer in a win-win situation. The overall pattern of job factor satisfaction and importance in a global setting is presented below ( Figure 8).

US CMA course - US CMA Job Satisfaction- Uplift Pro student
Figure 8


To sum up, it can be stated that US CMA credential paves the way to grab a better job, elevates your earning potential and undoubtedly,  a source of extensive career variety vis-à-vis the job security and satisfaction.

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