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By and large, a quite good number of working professionals and students holding academic background in accounts and finance sectors, might are aware of the Certified Public Accountant, or CPA US course certification. This is one of the most coveted & globally recognized accounting credential  aspired by, MBA(Finance), ICWAs and CAs.

To obtain this  qualification, one has to pass the unified online CPA exam conducted by the AICPA, the international body providing the CPA certification. The CPA US holders are in increasing demand as indicated by their higher salaries and scope.

In and out, the CPA US course certification paves the way towards a fast track career growth in the accounting arena. This is linked with high level of trust and skilled expertise as envisaged by the employers.

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US CPA exam in India

Previously, to appear in US CPA exam in India, an Indian candidate had to travel abroad due to non availability of CPA test centers in India. However, this scenario has been changed after CPA testing centers started operating in India, a boon for the Indian CPA US course aspirants as it saves a lot of money incurred on travel and lodging to take the exam outside India.

US CPA exam in India

Indian candidates to write the CPA exam in India throughout the year from the following 8 Prometric centers :

1. Ahmedabad

2. Bangalore

3. Calcutta

4. Chennai

5. Hyderabad

6. Mumbai

7. New Delhi

8. Trivandrum

US CPA eligibility

Now, for an Indian candidate to be eligible for US CPA exam in India, the candidate must possess a graduate degree preferably in commerce along with post graduation or CA/CS/MBA to ensure 120 credit points required to write the exam. However, to obtain the CPA license, the requirement is 150 credit points. In addition, some US states require the candidate to have 1-2 years of work experience under a CPA.

US CPA course exam

Regarding the contents of the CPA US in India, there are 4 sections in exams i.e. FAR, AUD, REG and BEC respectively. Each section contains in the format of MCQs and task based simulations while the time allotted is 4 hours per section. One has to pass all 4 sections within a span of 18 months and to pass the exam, a minimum score of 75 is mandatory for each section of US CPA exam.

US CPA Exam 2021 – New Updates In 2020, the US CPA exam in India had few changes; the most prominent change was the introduction of the CARES Act to the REG section effective in Q4 2020. In 2021, the US CPA Exam will undergo additional changes, mainly to the AUD & BEC sections, with minor revisions to the remaining two sections – FAR & REG

US CPA job opportunities

When we talk about the job prospect of US CPA holders in India, it is evident that with the advent of globalization and the corresponding surge in the growth of Indian economy, entry of foreign companies, foreign investments and tie ups with the Indian companies, open doors for US CPAs in a much bigger way. Based on this fact, US CPAs,  being an international professional qualification of highest order, is gaining popularity and having greater demand in the finance/accounts related jobs.

On the verge of this, there is an ever- increasing demand for US CPAs in India for US GAAP reporting and general controller roles for US subsidiaries in India. Global Indian companies also has demand hiring US CPAs too.

CPAs can act as a specialist in the areas:

a. Financial Analyst

b. Management Accountant

c. Risk and Compliance Analyst

d. Tax Accountant

e. Management Consultant

f. Information Technology Auditor

g. Finance Director

US CPA salary in India

Regarding the salary of US CPA in India, a fresh CPA US holder can get an average INR 6-7 lacs per annum at the entry level in a Big 4 or MNCs which increases at a higher rate than the non CPA counterparts.
Next comes the coaching for preparation of US CPA exam in India.

US CPA coaching in India

Since US CPA exam centers started operation in India, a lot of coaching institutes got renewed interests for coaching of US CPA course. These CPA coaching institutes provide online classes and study materials to the students aspiring for US CPA exam.

Uplift Professionals is a premier CPA coaching institute offering dedicated services to its students – some of which are listed below.

1) Provide premium US CPA study material from Gleim international, a CPA study provider for more than 40 years. The concise exam oriented study material along with vast question banks for practice helps students a lot to pass the CPA US exam in one go.

2) Provide live online classes during weekend suitable for working professionals are conducted by a team of dedicated experienced trainers having a lot of corporate exposure administer best US CPA coaching to students.

3) Provide video recordings of each and every live class to the students on next day morning gives ample scope for revisions.

4) Provide small batch sized classes which facilitates effective one to one interaction between the student and teacher- an effective way of US CPA coaching.

5) As part of the US CPA coaching, additional study notes and class schedules are provided to the students.

6) Provide real time problem solving sessions and periodical mock tests in a regular fashion- a very useful mode of coaching for US CPA exam.

7)Provide online faculty support for doubt clearing as an integral part through e mails/ whatsapp and over the phone.

8 )Provide administrative guidance on US CPA exam evaluation procedures.

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It is quite evident that to crack the prestigious US CPA exam, the contribution of mentors from a quality CPA coaching center and use of premium exam oriented CPA study materials have no alternative.