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The US CPA course certification involve clearing of the exam, fulfilling academic and experience requirement criteria to qualify as a US CPA recognized in a global perspective.

However, the exam is tough and the mentoring institutes, particularly in this current pandemic era rely on online classes for US CPA in India. So,  how to make sure you pass through by self study and attending online US CPA course? Take note of the following 10 tips for preparation of the US CPA exam in India relying on attending online US CPA classes.

1) Select your online class provider carefully:

Look for the student friendly approach with good mentoring and undertaking uninterrupted online US CPA course classes at your convenient time.

2) Video recordings:

Make sure your online US CPA course training partner provides video recordings of the previous online US CPA course class to you on the next day. This will entail you to fill up the gap in case you have missed the particular class. Video recordings are a good value addition to the online US CPA course classes.

3) Select the study material:

There are AICPA approved quality study materials available from renowned publishers for US CPA reviews and question banks etc. Select from them to cope with your self study and the mentoring style offered in the online US CPA course classes you are going to attend. Rely only on authentic updated study material.

4) Plan your study time:

Since you have 18 months to pass all 4 sections after passing the first, it is advisable to make a time based study schedule, say for instance, 30 hours a week for 15-16 weeks as a guideline. This study schedule should be in tandem coordination with your online US CPA course class.

5) Lot of Practice:

To cope with the computerized online US CPA exam in India, it is required to practice the MCQs and simulations in real time environment. Solving case based simulations in online US CPA course class as well as in self study has been shown to elevate the competence.

6) Select your mode of learning:

It deals with your choice of tools. Whether you prefer to browse hard copy books and taking of notes or you may like to learn online live lectures vis a vis video recordings of online US CPA course class linked to the study materials. You might prefer solving MCQs, audio lectures or flash cards in conjunction with your online US CPA class accordingly.

7) Identify the type of learner in you:

It happens that you might be a tactile learner,  hence for you the obvious choice would be the large question banks, sample problems with varying difficulty levels with task based simulations to match with the online US CPA course classes. On the other hand, if you are a visual learner, you will get most benefit from video lectures, multimedia elements at par with the live online classes for CPA.

8) Updated review course:

To cope with the online US CPA course class, one should be aware to select the review course that are updated regularly to match the current US CPA exam in India which you are going to appear. Moreover, It is preferable to have unlimited access to the material.

9) Use of Adaptive technology:

Adaptive technology helps you to identify your weak and strong areas. By knowing the weak areas through continuous testing of knowledge, significant reduction in study time can be achieved by avoiding repeat study of concepts which is already known to you. This is complementary to the preparation by undertaking US CPA course classes online.

10) Reading the explanations for answers:

Please avoid skipping questions on the test sample if it looks tough. It is highly beneficial to look in to  each and every explanations both for correct as well as incorrect answers too from the course material and online US CPA classes.


To sum up, formulating a strategic study plan aligning with the above study tips with regular attendance to online CPA classes are the key factors to clear your US CPA exam in India at first attempt using online platform of CPA class.

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