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Too many potholes on the life path? Got stuck in the career rut? We understand. Monotonous work pattern and boring daily schedules lead to exhaustion and disturbs the coordination of your mind and body. It’s high time to prevent the burn out and get relief from the boredom, else it may create adverse impact on your professional and personal health. Moreover, it will be an hindrance in the journey of fulfilling your achievable dreams. 

It’s not always recommended to leave jobs to get out of a career rut, specially during this pandemic. Let’s discuss some easier tools to break the embargo. 

1. Upgrade Yourself: Think about up gradation of yourself through a professionally. This is the most important tool to obtain higher skills which so far you could not pursue, may be due to lack of initiatives, not being aware of it or perhaps you were happy with the status quo. Since you have nothing to loose by gathering some extra skills, get committed to grab a professional qualification related to your work.

This can put you one big step forward to either get a new job, a promotion or a salary hike. You can also look for up gradation of skill in any other area(s) which may not directly related to your professional domain but your likings/ hobbies, your childhood dreams. Take it for granted, this will definitely help you to overcome the boredom of your professional life. So widening your skill with documentation/certification in preferred area will definitely expand your career towards a new horizon.

2. Unravel your inner world: This can be achieved by meeting new people who are like minded, building healthy relationships, contacts, databases with some time and efforts towards your academic/professional repute.

3. Keeping the financial status in order: This we all know is so much important for a smooth maintenance of personal life. A good financial planning will help you to invest your hard earned money to take the right steps for expanding your career path.

4. Reshaping the Schedule: This can be done either by readjusting your work timing if possible. Otherwise you can try to reshape or redecorate your work station a little bit weekly or fortnightly. You can also put some indoor plants. People say it helps to boost motivation.

5. Import professional outlook to your online activities: Rejuvenate your social media accounts with upgraded skill descriptions, your experiences because if you are looking for a new job, your online status will be counted by the potential employers. So revamp yourself in the virtual world. If possible, you can try some freelance activities that suits you.

So guys, don’t get stuck to the embarrassing career ruts. Warm up, motivate yourself, use the tools to get out of the trench. That’s what we believe at Uplift Professionals. Make an informed plan, get focussed and act accordingly. 

Uplift PRO is happy to help with its expertise in career counseling.  

Author: Rathin Mukherjee

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