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Today’s dynamic companies require state of the art financial management skills like a professional CMA certification.

A CMA certification is the gateway of your sojourn towards a top level management position.

So how to pass the CMA exam in 1st attempt? Let’s see some thumb rules to handle it.

1)Feasibility of a viable plan: To minimise lag and to cover all the relevant components, one need a well devised plan which is Time bound, Relevant, Achievable, Quantifiable and Specific.

2) Amalgamating in a real-time testing ambience: To overcome the exam stress, you have to equip yourself with real time practise under suitable supervision. Since everything in the course content is important, one has to develop the understanding of accounting principles and concepts to tackle the indirect presentation of questions.

3) Brain storming sessions: To highlight the question prone areas of the book with the use of marginal notes and flash cards for easy access. Another approach is to make a strength weakness analysis( SWA) I.e. which method suits you : Audio, Visual or the bodily/corporal i. e kinesthetic way.

4) Definitions and Terminologies: MCQs demand elimination through the knowledge of essential concepts, definitions and alternate terms. Particularly, one has to pay heed on the terms put as statement in questions. Correct answer need to identify difference in words that changes the meaning significantly. So it is advisable that one should not be in hurry to choose an answer at first go.

5) Knowledge based guess: To refine skill, educated guess is often required for certain sets of question which sometimes appear as not seen before and you need calculated guessing skill to tackle those questions. This knowledge based guessing skills can only be acquired through practise sessions under quality guidance.

Inclusively, to crack the CMA (US) exam at first attempt, apart from sliding through the key phrases or statements, one require incorporation of above mentioned points too.

If you have read this to the end and if you have the zeal to be CMA certified, here is Uplift PRO to help you out in every aspect with passion and integrity. So come and join us for a bright career in finance and accounting.

Greetings in advance.

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