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US CMA course is recognized to be the Gold Standard in Management Accounting. It happens to be one of the top tier certifications in management accounting which can offer immense career opportunities to you. It is regarded as an advanced professional certification by which you can brush the financial and critical accounting management skills.

Thus, you can earn eligibility for holding job positions in different distinctions. You need to make intensive preparations for clearing the examination. You can earn attractive packages by choosing this US CMA course certification degree owing to which people love to opt for this certification course, over other accounting certifications. If you are looking for an ideal option for landing on your dream job, you should opt for this certification course on a wide scale.

US CMA salary in Fortune Companies

Top tier fortune companies such as Alcoa, 3M, Bank of America, AT&T, Cargill, Boeing, ConAgra, Johnson & Johnson, Hewlett Packard, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Xerox, Verizon, Saudi Aramco, Whirlpool, KeyCorp, Procter & Gamble provide different job opportunities to candidates, who passed the CMA examination with flying colors.

Pricing analysts, business analysts, Finance Manager, Senior Executive, Internal Auditor, and Financial Analyst can earn a salary of up to nine lakhs every year. You can find a rise in your salary as you are promoted to senior positions such as Senior Financial Modeling, Senior Financial Budgeting, Accounts Payable, Senior Financial Management, to name a few.

The earning power of the US CMA is consistent across regions, with the median salary and total compensation higher for US CMAs vs. non-CMAs for every region. In the Americas region, US CMAs earn a median salary and total compensation that is 31% and 32%, respectively, higher than non-CMAs. This is also consistent with prior years. In the Asia and Europe regions, US CMAs earn a median salary that is 29% and 32% higher, respectively, compared to non-CMAs. More specifically, the following job titles were more likely to be filled by US CMAs than non-CMAs: CFO (67%), controller (59%), director of financial planning and analysis (63%), and senior financial analyst (66%).

US CMA salary for the cost accountants

If you are a cost accountant, you are capable of earning the average salary of around 4.13 lakhs every year. The majority of people are eligible to move to different other job profiles once they earn an experience of more than ten years. Thus, in the SAP FICO or SAP SAP Financial Accounting field, you can earn higher pay.

US CMA salary for the financial Analysts

If you join as a Cost or Financial Analyst and you have passed the CMA examination, you are eligible to get an average salary of Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs every year as a fresher within India. Some of the departments in which you can earn amazing packages include Financial Modelling, Risk Control, SAP SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling, Valuation.

As you move to senior positions in these sectors and earn domain experience, your pay scale, as a US CMA professional, increases manifold and you can earn around 50 lakhs per annum. In Middle east countries, European countries or in the US, a CMA professional earns twice or thrice as much as their peers in India. The US CMA course is a worthy investment that not only increases earnings but provides opportunities for advancement.

US CMA Salary for CFO or Chief Financial Officer

CFO or Chief Financial officers are eligible for earning a package of around 29 lakhs every year. You can earn higher and attractive packages as you earn more experience in the relevant field. CFOs, working in Fundraising, Strategic Planning, Business Strategy, Financial Analysis, and Budget Management, are eligible for earning an average salary, in the range of 9.7 lakhs to 72 lakhs every year.

The average US CMA salary, you can earn in India depends on several parameters such as marks obtained, attempts for clearing the examination, the articulation skills, the internship, and the interview. If you do your internship from a reputed and top tier organization, you are going to earn more opportunities in the market.

You can also earn a better and attractive package if you have additional degrees such as CFA, cima. If the majority of the factors work in your favor, you are sure to earn an annual salary of 8-9 lakhs every year. If you are an AIR holder, you can get a package, up to 12-15 lakhs, even when you are a fresher. On the other hand, you will find a rise of almost 30-35%, after gaining a good amount of experience in the relevant field.

You are sure to get high-status jobs after earning more salary in the industry. If you are a qualified US CMA, you can get a package of around Rs. 3-4 lakhs every month as well. It, however, depends on the total count of clients; you are handling and how perfectly you have been handling the projects. You will earn more, as you have a higher number of clients.

Average US CMA Salary in different sectors

Startups and private companies provide a lower package, in comparison to the consulting companies. In these companies, you need to earn an average salary of almost 5 lakhs in India. Well funded startups can offer a package of Rs. 4-7 lakhs per annum. On the other hand, public sector banks can earn a salary of Rs. 6-12 lakhs every year. In the Foreign Investment banks, and Elite MNC’s, you can earn an attractive and lucrative package of around 6-8 lakhs every year.

US CMA professionals, working in Indian Investment Banks, can get a salary of Rs. 7 lakhs per annum. Top Tier consulting firms can provide a salary of up to Rs. fifteen lakhs to AIR CMA holders. They also offer 16 lakhs per annum package as the candidate can clear the US CMA examination on their very first attempt.

The trend of US CMA salary depends on the industry. For instance, in the banking sector, the average CMA salary is Rs. 5.3 lakhs every year. On the other hand, in the IT industry, the average CMA US salary is ten lakhs whereas, in the manufacturing and distribution sector, the average salary is Rs. 7 lakhs. If you can manage a job in the telecommunication industry and can clear the CMA examination at the same time, you will get a salary of up to 13 lakhs. CMA professionals working in Business Process Outsourcing or BPO sector can get a package of up to 5 lakhs.

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US CMA course student speak

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