Must know details about US CPA course- Key steps to be a US CPA

Must know details about US CPA course- Key steps to be a US CPA

The Certified Public Accountant, commonly referred as the US CPA course , is a globally recognized public accounting certification. 

Individuals who often take up accounting as a career prefer to go for further certifications to enhance their accounting skill and update their knowledge.

One of the most preferred qualification chosen by the accounting students is the US CPA certification. US CPA course is a four-paper course: 

  1. Auditing and Attestation (AUD)
  2. Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)
  3. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)
  4. Regulation (REG).

Why the US CPA course certification is highly demanded? 

CPAs these days are keeping every industry on track. It is seen CPAs have become one of the most important decision makers in organizations. Being a qualified CPA, finance professionals are capable to analyse and interpret financial information which helps them to understand where the business is actually heading.

Working as a qualified US CPA professional in the US will open the door of opportunities. The major function of a US CPA course is to offer public accounting services but they are also responsible for tax preparation and audit functions.

Why Indians go for the US CPA?

Each year in India, more than a lakh students enroll themselves for the Indian CA/ ICWA. The role of a CA and CPA is very similar. The major difference between both the certifications is Indian CAs are well known within India but when it comes to perform on a global scale US CPA course is more valued by the companies, mainly the ones having their business in the US. Hence we get global recognition by pursuing CPA US.

There are plenty of companies in India who run their business on global platforms mainly in the US. US GAAP and IFRS are the most integrated tasks within the multinational companies. It is seen that because of scarcity of CPAs in India, Indian CAs perform these tasks after being trained by the companies.

Thus the more number of MNCs are setting up their businesses in India, the higher is getting the demand of CPAs in this country. It is believed CPAs are able to work in wide variety of areas of finance compared to their counterparts.

Steps to become a CPA US ( specially for an Indian/non-US student):

To become a qualified Public accountant, candidates will have to meet the 3 E’s of CPA – Education, Examination and Experience.


Candidates must meet the 120 credit hours (a bachelor’s degree + 30 extra credit from Master degree) to write the exam and 150 credit hours for the licensure.

The eligibility criteria of the CPA exam differ from state to state. But in major cases maximum state boards require 120 to 150 credit points. A student should have a minimum college degree of 120 credit points. Additional 20 points by covering courses like business law, management. 

  # Examination

 1.Eligibility Evaluation- The first step towards the CPA examination is to “Transcripts evaluation”. Before selecting the State board of accountancy, candidates will have got their educational documents (transcripts) evaluated by the evaluating agencies. The well-known evaluation agencies are NIES and FACS. The CPA evaluation process takes 4 -5 weeks of time.

2. Once the state board is confirmed, candidates can apply then apply to the state board for the examination. Pay the exam fee and schedule the testing appointments at the Prometric centre.

3. The US CPA exam is held quarterly. The exam is conducted online. The test locations are Dubai, USA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Brazil, China. In April, 2020 NASBA (The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) due to global pandemic had opened the testing window in India. The testing window for the US CPA exam has been extended in India till December 2020. The exam consist Multiple Choice and Task based questions. The candidates must score at least 75% to qualify the examination.

4. Candidates should remember they will have to pass all the 4 papers of CPA US within 18 months from the time they clear the first paper. After clearing all the 4 papers, one can now apply for the CPA License.

 #   Experience:

Most state boards demand that, in order to apply for a CPA License, candidates must possess at least 150 credit points and at least 2 years of professional experience under a licensed CPA or equivalent (for ex: Indian CA or ACCA). After passing the CPA exam, a candidate generally gets 3 years of time to apply for the license.

US CPA salary in India ? In India a fresh CPA starts with a minimum salary of INR 6 Lakh annually in a Big4 or MNC. The salary of a CPA increases at a higher rate than his non-certified peers. A CFO in India can earn more than INR 1 Cr, annually in India.

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