US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA) : The golden designation for an Internal Auditor

US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA course) : The golden designation for an Internal Auditor

US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA course) is the world’s one and only qualification in Internal Audit. Their standards are referenced by all the accounting bodies in the world. US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA course) is not limited to Internal Audit, but also encompasses Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management and Internal Control.

US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA) can be a way to get into Big 4 Firms in the Assurance and Advisory Services (Consulting) in addition to working in the Audit function of big companies. The latest Companies Act in India aims to give a tougher control environment to Indian companies in line with SOX in the USA.

Internal auditors are hired by private and public organisations. They perform their responsibilities within an organisation as an independent agent. As internal auditors, they have the authority to access all areas of an organization.

The job of an Internal auditor is to look into every corner of an organisation. They need to carefully analyse the operational efficiency, the reliability of financial reporting, security controls and most importantly detecting fraudulent activities within an organisation and informing the board of committee.

US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA course) as a Career and Job roles

One of the key roles an accounting professional performs within the organization is the role of an Auditor. Internal auditors must possess the knowledge and skills in order to perform their individual responsibilities. 

Internal audit function will include individuals with strong financial backgrounds (such as Chartered Accountants (CAs) and US CPA , it also includes a much broader diversity of skills and knowledge. The Internal Auditor job role includes expertise in business operations, fraud investigation, IT compliance and many other areas.

Some of the respectable designation that an internal auditor holds in an organisation are:

1)   Financial analyst

2)   Compliance Auditor

3)   Lead Internal Auditor

4)   Internal Control auditor

US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA course), coupled with US CMA makes one a Financial Controller/CFO in a shorter time frame because FCs/CFOs are required to control the show. About 50%+ of the US CPAs/CMAs working in the USA in top positions also have a CIA(US) qualification.

Educational Qualifications needed to become an US Certified Internal Auditor (US CIA)

US CIA course can make you an INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED INTERNAL AUDITOR within a short span of time. Minimum bachelor’s degree is required preferably accounting, finance, management.

The Institute of internal auditors is the only professional body in the world that conducts internal auditor exams.

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