Destination US Certified Internal Auditor(CIA): Why the value of US CIA course is increasing everyday?

US US CIA (US Certified Internal Auditor) potential and value creating jobs in India

The US CIA course (US Certified Internal Auditor) certification is a globally recognized much acclaimed qualification that is becoming a dream if an internal auditor to work in cross border settings. As an internal auditor, one can try for any certification for some financial stability or other for some financial success.

But if you want to achieve both in a single go then US CIA course is your ultimate destination. Let’s discuss some aspects why doing US Certified Internal Auditor is worth to build a successful auditing career as follows:

1. Lofty earnings

As per IAA reports, a US Certified Internal Auditor can earn more than 50% than his/her non CIA counterpart in USA. If we consider Indian scenario, a US Certified Internal Auditor qualified auditor fetch nearly about 3.5 – 4 lakhs more in salary in comparison to the remuneration of an average non CIA auditor.

2. Merge it with experience – sky is the limit

Holding a US CIA course certification for longer duration in your work arena will not only expand your earning potential but also pave the way to attain leadership designations including director of internal auditing. Hence, US CIA course is a combo of hefty earning potential and elevated career graph for auditors.

3. Unmasking Job Avenues

For a budding internal auditor, a US CIA course can open a treasure trove of opportunity to grab commendable designations. As for example, considering two extremes, one can land on a platform like specialist internal auditor to the stature of vice president of internal audit etc.

4. Secured job

According to the Robert Half Salary Guide, 2019, hiring of internal auditors gaining tremendous momentum in the job market. Due to the growing complexity in the regulations, risk based audit is becoming more dominant over classical financial audit. This drives the corporates to hire a US CIA course qualified auditor more often. Employers are also more akin to retain a US CIA- the basis of a secured job.

5. Higher expertise and Potential

As per the structure of curriculum and examination processes, US CIA course stands on the highest order of magnitude with the core domain of dedicated professional skills. Thus, US CIA (US Certified Internal Auditor) is considered as unique value addition to an auditor’s resume.

6. Elevated Esteem

In the world of internal auditors, getting a US Certified Internal Auditor certification attains its regard automatically since everyone knows the value of attaining it. A CIA not only manages the auditing effectively, in addition, possess the potential to improve the organization itself as a whole. One can sense the respect associated upon the transformation from an internal auditor to a US CIA.


To sum up, it can be stated that though IAA offers several certification curriculum, US CIA (US Certified Internal Auditor) stands top on a solid plinth as its value never disparage from region to region. If you are in the auditing job market, this is the high time to go for CIA- a metamorphosis to earn more, to elevate yourself in corporate ladder and finally the job security along with financial stability and satisfaction.

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