US CPA Exam in India – Key scoring rates for success

CPA US course is one the topmost accounting qualification in the world. In India, a CPA US holder is considered as equivalent to Chartered Accountant qualification with more global exposure and opportunities. CPA US holders are in high demand as reflected by their high salaries. The key body involved in conducting the exams in India are American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) which has recently announced to continue conducting CPA exams in India.

Continuous Testing Window

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Since July 1, 2020, testing windows has been replaced by continuous testing, allowing candidates to take the Exam year-round, without restriction, other than waiting to receive scores from prior attempts of the same section or when there is a major change to the Exam. This helps candidates to write the CPA exam in India throughout the year from the following 8 Prometric centers :

1. Ahmedabad

2. Bangalore

3. Calcutta

4. Chennai

5. Hyderabad

6. Mumbai

7. New Delhi

8. Trivandrum

Following are the steps to write the CPA exam from India:

1. Get your eligibility verified by Uplift Pro before sending your transcripts to the US Official Evaluators.

2.Start preparing for the CPA exam. We will teach you 2 papers at a time after your working hours in live online mode and share with you the recordings of the classes as well.

3. We will also provide you an option to receive Gleim CPA Megabank (at 50% of the original cost) since Uplift Pro is an approved partner of Concorde Gleim. Gleim has helped more than 40,000 candidates worldwide pass their CPA exams in the last 20 years. Hence they are the No. 1 in this job. Trust on the Gleim Uplift support to pass the 4 papers of CPA as quickly as possible.

4. Once you are ready for the exam apply for an NTS from the US State from which you wish to be a CPA license holder. Uplift Pro will guide you in this administrative procedure.

5. After getting the NTS, contact your nearest Prometric to book your seat for the exam. Don’t forget to keep your passport ready to meet the identification procedure in the Prometric center.

US CPA Exam format

US CPA exam in India are designed to measure competency in auditing, business laws, business concepts, taxation and accounting. There are four sections in the CPA exam:

1. Regulation (REG)

2. Auditing and Attestation (AUD)

3. Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR)

4.Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

The duration of each section of exam is 4 hours (total of 16 hours). The typical question format consists of the following

a. Multiple-Choice Questions

b. Task-Based Simulations

c. Written Communication

For more details about US CPA exam question format in India, follow the link:

US CPA exam scoring by section and by type

SectionMultiple-Choice QuestionsTask-Based SimulationsWritten Communication

US CPA exam scoring by skills

SectionRemembering and Understanding ApplicationAnalysisEvaluation
FAR10-20% 50-60%25-35% 

Know more about US CPA exam score date

Decision to conduct US CPA exams in India, helps candidates to better plan for the exams. Typically AICPA publish the score release dates for the first half of a new year in December of the previous year and the second half by June of that year. The below table highlights the score release dates after sitting for a section.

Score Release: Exam sections taken 23, April – 31, December, 2021

If you had taken exam on/before: Your target score release date is:
April 23May 11
May 16May 25
June 8June 16
June 30July 13
July 23August 10
August 15August 24
September 7September 15
September 30October 12
October 23November 9
November 15November 23
December 8December 16
December 15January 11

US CPA pass rate

Candidates appearing for exam is required to score of 75 or more on each section to pass, and each section must be passed within an 18-month window, which begins as soon as the candidate passes the first exam. CPA exam scoring is treated with a high level of importance, due diligence, and attention to accuracy.

The below table depicts the US CPA exam pass rate in last few years. As evident, the pass rate is nearly 51%. This makes CPA qualification a top most certification. To become successful in the exam, candidates needs to follow a systematic study plan and prioritize key sections.

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