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So far, you have the basic/advanced academic degrees in accounts/finance and might be having some work experience too. Now you are thinking of something else, say for instance, a professional qualification to elevate your career in financial domain.

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In this sojourn, you might have heard about a prestigious global credential known as US CPA course. You might have been thinking of entering the CPA US course for which you have to check your eligibility followed by evaluation of your transcripts in stipulated manner.

Upon completion of above, you are ready to take the US CPA exam from a particular US state board. Now, it is the time to know about the universal US CPA exam in India and other countries and how to approach it in an effective manner.  Let’s take a brief appraisal of the US CPA exam.

A. The exam settings

There are 4 sections in the US CPA exam i .e. Financial Accounting and Reporting(FAR), Auditing and Attestation(AUD), Regulation(REG) and Business Environments and Concepts(BEC) respectively. Exams for all these sections can be taken separately and independently without any interdependence.

B. Exam Timings

Time allotment for each section is 4 hours which can be taken individually. However, it is obligatory to pass all four sections within 18 months. So, total exam time is 16 hours and the candidate has the option to select which paper to take first and accordingly the rest.

US CPA Exam 2021 – New Updates In 2020, the US CPA exam in India had few changes; the most prominent change was the introduction of the CARES Act to the REG section effective in Q4 2020. In 2021, the US CPA Exam will undergo additional changes, mainly to the AUD & BEC sections, with minor revisions to the remaining two sections – FAR & REG

C. Mode of exam

US CPA exam uses computer based online testing platform which include written communication exercises, MCQs and task based simulations. In essence, there are 3 writing tasks, about 276 MCQs and overall 28 task based simulations which are allocated in 4 above mentioned sections of US CPA exam.

D. Exam performance evaluation

The score based evaluation is done by the AICPA who implies a grade of zero to 99 in the scale for each section. The minimum cut off grade to clear the exam is 75. The CPA US exam evaluation uses a weighted combination as follows: For FAR, AUD and REG parts, the applicable scoring scale is MCQs and task based simulations each count for 50% of the total score respectively. On the otherhand, for BEC, MCQs comprise 50%, simulations 35% and the written communications count for 15% of the total score respectively. The MCQs are set en block at different difficulty level in ascending order.

Practical benefits of US CPA course – Becoming a US CPA is an aspiration for many finance professionals and accountants. Most CPAs agree that becoming a US CPA completely transformed their career. When you get your CPA license, it opens a wide range of opportunities both in India and abroad. For further reading please follow the link.

E. Exam section coverage

In US CPA exam, the FAR part demands the knowledge and appreciation of the financial reporting used in both public and private sector enterprises. It involve 66 MCQs + 8 simulations. The AUD section include the planning, reviewing, internal controls etc. Emphasis is given to international accounting standards and risk management. It incorporates 72 MCQs and 8 simulations. The REG part is concerned with business law, taxation, professional rationality, ethics etc. It consists of 76 MCQs and 8 simulations. Lastly, the BEC section demands the assessment of writing ability, lucidity, responsiveness etc on business formation, economic concepts, financial regulation and information technology. It comprises 4 simulations and 62 MCQs.

F. Exam section comparison

Among the 4 sections of US CPA exam, general notion is that FAR is tough while BEC is the easiest to clear at first attempt. It indicates that if someone takes the FAR exam first the other sections appear bit easier to pass although that might vary from person to person

Last but not the least, to pass all 4 sections of CPA US course , taking help from quality study material and a good training institute is of immense value. As for example, Gleim is one such publisher providing quality review books for US CPA exam for about 50 years and helper more than 40000 people worldwide to pass the US CPA exam.

Top preparation tips for US CPA exam in India– The US CPA exams is taking a mental or emotional toll on students. While preparing for exam its important understanding syllabus for exam, developing detailed study plan, getting guidance from experts, mental preparation, etc. continue reading

Gleim Review Books

The most favorite aspect of these prep books is that they are written like an outline. Rather than some lengthy treatise with dense passages, the Gleim books contain very short, easy to read sections. They are broken down like an outline, containing sufficient detail but hitting the high points and keeping it concise. In other words, they are both comprehensive and succinct. It is a delicate balance to master, and Gleim has done it well.

These textbooks, which come in both digital and print form, are also well written. They clearly explain the substantive material and provide numerous examples to help demonstrate points.  These specially designed outline-style books definitely improve comprehension and retention through their organization and writing style.

Gleim CPA Mega Test Bank

With respect to practice material or Mega Test Bank, Gleim offers some of the best quality and quantities around. The10,000+ multiple-choice practice questions and 560+ simulations closely resemble real CPA exam questions in both substance and testing interface. It’s mentionable that Gleim places a focus on simulations, offering more than 2x as many as any other providers (with 1,300+). In sum, the Gleim CPA Review course is a well-rounded and effective prep package that should work for every type of learner.

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