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The obtainment of the US CMA certification is alluring for a vast number of professionals and students in the accounting arena. This has several beneficial implications to contemplate from present to future career path. A CMA US credential can largely intensify the career of an accountant drastically.


Being an ambitious accountant, if you really add a spark to your career, you can steadily take the US CMA course program as value addition. Now, if you like to take your US CMA sojourn, you should know at the beginning, how one can be a US CMA by taking well informed decisions as follows.

A. Knowing the advantage of US CMA certificate

There are various benefits that a CMA US holder under IMA can enjoy. To name a few, Elevated income opportunities, higher job security, upliftment of skill and expertise as well as much acclaimed reputation and respect. Since US CMA is considered gold standard in management accounting at global level, the acquired skills and knowledge are real time simulation in the domain.

B. Knowing the process

Obviously, there are certain requirements which one has to meet up to enter the US CMA program. The 3 “E”s i.e. the Exam, education and experience respectively. For the exam, it has two parts where both the parts has to be cleared within a span of 3 years upon entering the program.

For education, a graduation degree ( equivalent to 120 credit points) is required within 7 years of the completion of US CMA exam. Finally, continuous 2 years working experience on financial management/ management accounting is required within 7 years of completion of the CMA US exam

C. Knowing the exam

The US CMA exam has 2 parts, both of which include 100 MCQs and 2 essay questions to be answered within 4 hours. Part 1 contain Financial Planning, Performance and Analytics while Part 2 involve Strategic Financial Management. The CMA US exam is considered not too tough not too easy type which means with due dedication and proper study support, successful clearance of this 2 part exam at first attempt is quite achievable.

D. Knowing the cost

The overall cost to secure the US CMA course certification stands around 2000 USD approximately on an average excluding the study support. Although this has something to do with affordability, an average hike of around 47% in salary of a CMA US holder justifies the dividends on the cost incurred as investment. Furthermore, to make things easier, several CMA discounts are available with IMA and its authorized study partners to make use and reduce the burden.

US CMA salary in India: Results from IMA’s salary survey-2021:- The latest Middle East/Africa/ India (MEAI) CMA Salary Survey 2021, from IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) revealed that a median salary of a US CMA professional is above 76% higher than non-CMAs, a strong reason why a US CMA course is a career changing qualification. continue reading…

E. Knowing the exam windows

Video Upon entering in to the CMA US program, by paying the IMA membership and entrance fees, one can register for the any part of the exam. The annual testing windows for US CMA exam is January/February, May/June and September/October respectively. One can schedule the date and time of the exam in the appropriate prometric test center following the respective window.

F. Knowing the preparation

The CMA US exam demand  dedicated study preparation and practice. Once entered in the US CMA program, one can get free access to IMA study support package for 6 months. Although the package  helps to some extent on the pattern and content of the exam, it is not to be suffice. To crack the exam successfully, one has to take additional study support in the form of review materials/books and mentoring by quality faculty of an IMA approved training institute.

G. Knowing the study materials and training

There are several IMA approved review courses available for US CMA which helps to prepare for the exam. Generally, a review material include, e books/hard copy, question banks for practice, audio and video lectures etc. One can choose the material accordingly. Study using the review materials supplemented with attending regular classes of an IMA approved training institute has proven to be quite helpful to pass the CMA US exam.

Choose the best US CMA institute in India, Africa, and Middle East ‚Äď Uplift Pro

Uplift Pro is one of the top training institutes for the US CPA, US CMA, US CIA courses in India, Africa, and Middle East. Uplift Pro is also an Indian partner of GLEIM, US and an IMA US authorized US CMA course study center. We train students for US CMA through live online classes instead of pre recorded videos.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs from IIEST, IITs, London Business School, and ULCA who have decided to provide a strong back to young ambitious students and professionals to reach their desired career destinations in an organized way.

Some of our exclusive features include.

A. Authorized partner of IMA US CMA course in India

Authorized partner of IMA US in India

B. Live online classes ensuring that the regular office working hours is least impacted

C. The dedicated faculty team for uplift live online US CMA classes are CMA US qualified with incredible marks and have more than 25 years working experience in corporate world. This help the student to learn and simulate the real life corporate working conditions which can not be attained through a CMA pass out faculty only.

D. 1:1 personal support from our 30 plus years of experienced CMA certified faculties. Also, provides full admin support through the dedicated Uplift WhatsApp study group. We have a pass rate of 80% in US CMA course exams.

E. Pass percentage of US CMA students ‚ÄĚ at first attempt‚ÄĚ is about 80% in a duration of 6-9 months in comparison to near about 40-45% pass rate in a global perspective.

F. The small batch size of online classes provide effective interaction with the faculty which help¬† personalized attention towards achieving the target of¬† 80% ‚Äúpass at first attempt‚ÄĚ

G. Affordable US CMA course fees with special discount in your IMA fees. 

H. ‚ÄúTill you pass‚ÄĚ guarantee assuring that you may attend our live online classes at no extra cost until you pass. It means once you become an uplift student, you can attend unlimited live online classes till you pass at no extra cost or reregistration fees.

I. Comprehensive coverage of US CMA course details including authorized GLEIM CMA study materials , class mock session,  IMA registration and job assistance.

Request for Live Demo class / contact at +91-8787088850 to book your seats now. New US CMA batch to start soon.


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