CPA US Certification: How to be a Certified Public Accountant?

The approach and importance to get a CPA US Certification

It is quite well known that preparation and maintenance of financial documents are inevitable for every company irrespective of their size. Here lies the role of accountants to prepare and maintain such documents. Every employer’s success of growth depends a lot on the skills and expertise of their accountants. In this respect, CPA US course certification stands a top when employers want to hire a professional accountant.

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CPA US course certification is a globally recognized most coveted credential in the accounting arena. CPA certification demand to clear the unified CPA US exam conducted by AICPA, the international body followed by the licensure procedure from a particular US state accordingly.

The question might be raised why an accounting professional will seek CPA US course certification? To answer this, we have to consider the appropriate reasons like increased job opportunities, higher salary/pay package and finally to elevate and enhanced the career growth towards a heightened as well as responsible positions in their respective organizations.

Salient features of CPA US course certification

A.  Higher Salary

This is the first and foremost consideration when someone want to opt for any advanced course. CPA US course certification holders are well known to earn much higher salaries than their non CPA counterparts. This higher income very well compensate the cost incurred on getting the US CPA certification within a year of their employment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLP), a CPA US course certification holder can earn a median salary of $ 70,500 annually. However, the salary of US CPA certification holder rises with experience (Table.1) and also varies with the career path at various positions they hold (Table 2).

 CPA US course salary - Best US CPA training in India - Uplift Pro
Table 1
 CPA US course - Best CPA institute - Uplift Pro
Table 2

US Certified Public Accountants Salary in India :-  A fresh CPA US in India starts with an average annual salary of INR 7 Lakhs in a Big4 or MNC. The salary of a CPA increases at a higher rate than his non-certified peers. A CFO in India earns within average monthly salary of INR 12-25 Lakhs.

B. Job Opportunities

In fiscal and legal fields of accounting,  CPA certification holders known to have a broad skill set in financial reporting, taxation and legal requirements. These are the potentials for which employers want to hire CPA US course certification holders than non certified accountants. According to the BLS, US CPA certification brings the best career prospects among accounting professionals across a large variety of establishments in private and public sectors.

C. Job Security

CPA certification is now considered a present and future-proof qualification to stand against economic recession. Less skilled and experienced accountants can face layoffs where CPA certification where CPA certification holders can resist such situation  because of their capability.  Moreover, in the age of continuous changes in financial regulations and laws, companies are increasingly reky on CPA certification holders to implement the changes in compliances with the growth of the company.

Practical benefits of US CPA course – Becoming a US CPA is an aspiration for many finance professionals and accountants. Most CPAs agree that becoming a US CPA completely transformed their career. When you get your CPA license, it opens a wide range of opportunities both in India and abroad. For further reading please follow the link.

D. Integrity and Reputation

Accountants having CPA certification are well known to possess high ethical standards with skill, knowledge and training. Hence, their inputs are well valued by the companies that reflect towards the trust on the judgement   of CPAs.This leads to increased responsibilities leading to faster promotions in comparision to the non CPA accountants.

E. Overseas Opportunities

At par with the globalisation, expertise of CPA certification holders got momentum in terms of hiring potential demand of various companies, particularly, the MNCs across the globe. Furthermore, CPA certification followed by licensing allow additional opportunities to persue international career like independent practices in auditing in accordance to the respective foreign country’s financial laws and regulations.


Finally, to conclude, it can be stated that CPA certification is one of the top most accounting qualification in the world and are in high demand as reflected by their higher salaries. CPA certification makes one special in the accounting and finance fraternity. CPA certification holders are thus, globally mobile coveted professional accountants, a proud member of the most elite group of the world’s topmost public accountants.

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