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We often face the dilemma when it comes to select a career path particularly after obtaining a B.Com degree. Among the traditional options, one is the CA course and other is the MBA(Finance). Apart from these, the new addition is the US CMA(Certified Management Accountant) – a globally accepted professional course.

US CMA vs MBA - Indian context- 2021- By Uplift PRO- Best US CMA course trainer

For benefit of our students, here, we intend to compare the US CMA course with the MBA in Indian backdrop as follows:


The US CMA is a globally recognized professional certification conducted by IMA, an international body. On the other hand, MBA is an academic degree conferred by individual regional institutes where brand value of the respective institutes is reflected in the hiring process. Hence, in terms of acceptability, US CMA has much wider scope in the national as well as international job market in comparison to MBA from India.


If we consider the cost of both the courses, one can easily see the huge gap in the expenditure. In general, a MBA costs about INR 8-50 lakhs depending on the enrollment to a general or premier business schools. To meet up this expenditure, students very often has to for an education loan.

In contrast, to complete the US CMA course certification, one has to spend a maximum of INR 1.5 lakhs only. Even some IMA approved service providers like Uplift Pro has flexible payment options to help the students who want to pursue US CMA course. Moreover, being a US CMA, one gets 5-10 times more exposure in the global job market as well as MNCs in India as compared to Indian MBAs.


Both MBA and US CMA require a bachelor’s degree at the entry level. However, a student pursuing B.Com can still pursue and sit for US CMA exam at the same time, while the same student is able to enroll for MBA only after completion of his/ her B.Com degree with 50% marks.
Hence, US CMA has more flexible and time saving  eligibility option than admission to MBA in India.


In India, pursuing MBA from a premier institute is not that easy. One has to obtain higher rank through CAT(Common Admission Test). This also need dedicated preparation, coaching help for the admission test and hefty tuition fees for the preparation. In comparison, US CMA doesn’t have any entrance test for enrollment. One can enter directly with required academic qualification and acquire required work experience to get the certificate. Thus, it saves both time and money.


In India,  the salary of a MBA directly depends on the brand/name of the institute from where the student passes out. Particularly from those B schools having regular campus interviews with the top companies. Thus, passing out from a less rated college won’t allow much value addition and the salary remain at much lower side like INR 3 lakhs per year on average depending on the company and location. On the other hand, being a global certification, US CMA has great advantage in all financial sectors required by the reputed MNCs for management positions. The range of salary of a US CMA varies from 4-80 lakhs per year for entry level and senior positions respectively.


To sum up, it can be stated that, US CMA has clear cut edge over MBA in India, particularly, after B.Com, due to following reasons:
a) Admission
b) Affordability/ economy
c) Duration
d) Salary & Job opportunities

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