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10 Tips for Enrolled Agent Exam Success | Uplift Professionals

Once you have decided to pursue the prestigious Enrolled Agent (EA) course and are about to surface as an IRS-authorized Tax professional the following tips will help you to successfully crack the 3-part EA exam. The EA exam is known as Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) having the following structure.

Part 1 – Individuals

Part 2 – Businesses

Part 3 – Representation, Practice, and Procedure

Each part of the exam has approximately 100 questions in one of three multiple-choice formats:

  • Direct question
  • All of the following except
  • Incomplete sentence

The results of the exam are obtained by calculating the correct answers out of the total number of questions. That number is then converted to a scale that ranges from 40 to 130 where the cut-off pass mark is 105. Applicants qualifying for a part of the exam may carry forward the score for up to two years from the date of qualifying for that part.

The tips to Crack the Exam


  1. The Organized Study Plan

Prior to starting your study preparation, make a judicious plan to study at least 50 hours for each part of the exam, at a pace of at least 10 to 15 hours per week. Write plenty of notes in your own words.

  1. Consider a Review Course

Although some free stuff is available on the IRS site, it is advisable to select a good review course either for self-study or some mentoring system for effective value addition.

  1. SWA

Do a Strength-weakness analysis (SWA) on the respective part of the examination by chalking out the stronger and weaker areas which help to identify the areas to be focused more.

  1. Self-Practice

Continue practicing MCQs by attempting as many mock questions as you can.

  1. Evaluation

Frequently make assessment of your progress by mock evaluation scores and improvise accordingly.

  1. Updating

Get in continuous touch with the IRS website for being updated with any tax amendments reflected on the website.

  1. Online Testing

It is always better to get familiar with the prometric online testing system in advance. Although prometric allows 15 minutes for this practice at the time of the exam, it is better to know it earlier in advance from the prometric site.

  1. Taking Break

It is advisable to take 15 to 30 minutes recess to give your brain a break for every hour you study and help you refocus when you return.

  1. Self-appreciation

Set a benchmark in your study and reward yourself with anything as a reward after achieving the set benchmark.

  1. Remain Fearless

Get yourself free from exam phobia without thinking about the outcome or score. It would be better to get the full satisfactory preparation and take the exam in a tension free manner rather than casually to get the best results.


Considering the average pass rates as disclosed by Prometric’s for the last 3 years which are (1) approximately 88% for Part 3, (2) 72% for Part 1, and (3) 57% for Part 2, one can think of taking the part 3 first for boosting the confidence. But again, this decision must be matched with the mindset, competence, self-evaluation, and confidence of the aspirant.

So, nothing to be taken lightly to think out of the box. If you are going to take the exam one part at a time, better not to schedule a long interval between Parts 1 and 2. There are several topics that overlap these two parts (e.g., travel and entertainment expenses, related party losses, sales of property, and non-taxable exchanges), so you can recall it easily in a shorter time frame. Hope the above tips and discussion will help to crack the EA exam comfortably.

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