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Accounting Career: The Non-Orthodox Channels

When we talk about an accountant, we think about some office goers either in public or private settings who jumble with various numericals to prepare financial documents. But is it true that an accountant is meant for some repetitive stereotyped job? Probably not nowadays. In today’s world, options are available through which an accountant can diversify the career path to various job profiles apart from the customary one. How to achieve rewarding career opportunities? Well, the first and foremost approach is to obtain an internationally recognised professional credential in accounting. Let us discuss some of the non-orthodox career paths in accounting.

International Professional Accounting Certifications:

Several such accounting courses are available across the globe having their unique advantages. To name some popular certification courses, comes the Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and Enrolled Agent (EA).

Briefly, the CPA has one of the top order slots with its own versatility. A CPA can work anywhere ranging from a small organization to large corporate houses including hardcore auditing jobs as well as provides opportunity for individual practice.

CMA US, on the other hand, is a global certification that paves the way towards management accounting. Being a financial analyst or controller, CMAs are an integral part of financial management and can effectively contribute to strategic financial decisions based on the available resources.

Having specific interest in internal auditing? Think about the CIA certification. A CIA credential means the person is especially skilled to produce accurate and organized financial statements of a company in a global perspective. Apart from that, a CIA often assesses and mitigates the risks involved.

Do you have interests in the US tax domain? Then EA certification should be your cup of tea. The EA is the highest certification given by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) of the treasury department under the federal government of the USA. An EA has unlimited right to represent clients before the IRS in any kind of tax related issues from individual to corporate and other taxes.

Irrespective of the courses mentioned, whatever you select, you can get end to end support from Uplift Pro Academy to obtain your dream certification.

Diverse Career Paths:

  • Accountant as Faculty
    Ask yourself first. Do I have an inclination for teaching and research? If the answer is yes then your right destination career is obviously an educational institution like colleges and universities having added advantage of research facilities. Having the proper mindset, the role of an accountant in academia can always be a rewarding career.
  • Business Analyst
    A business analyst is responsible for analysing an organization’s financial data and making recommendations for how the business can improve its operations. Business analysts often work in consulting, where they provide advice to clients on a variety of topics.
  • Financial Planner
    Role of a financial planner is immense in terms of proper investment and future financial security of an individual or a family. A financial planner helps individuals and families to set their short- and long-term financial goals. This is mainly an independent consultancy service having great demand in the society.
  • Accountant in Healthcare and Hospitality
    Since there is a leaping growth in hospital services and hotel industries, a certified accountant has great demand starting from billing, budgeting as well as to deal with the insurance settlements.
  • Accountant in Environment
    A fascination towards a clean and sustainable environment often brings an accountant in such organizations where a cleaner pollution free environment is a priority. Investing in renewable / alternative energy sources and such manufacturing of such equipment comes under the advisory domain of a certified accountant.
  • Forensic Accountant
    Detection of unlawful financial frauds, misleading or hiding of financial activities and money laundering comes under the purview of a forensic accountant. If you have accounting skill with a good analysing thinking process, this can be a lucrative career path for you.
  • Entrepreneur Accountant
    Being a certified accountant, if you have the idea for a business, potential clients, and enough savings to keep you afloat, you can always think about the transition towards an entrepreneur.
  • Accounting Information Technology
    Software and information systems play a major role in accounting. If you are interested in pursuing a technology role, some of the courses mentioned above can provide you with an effective amalgamation of accounting and information technology knowledge integrated within the course.
  • Accountant as C-Level Executives
    This is the top order of the corporate ladder, where ‘C’ stands for Chief. If you have the right ambition and approach then becoming a CFO/CEO is a great option. Accountants reaching this level are responsible for making strategic decisions and overseeing the operations of an organization. This is the perfect career path for accountants who have a strong head for business and an effective communication style.


Selecting the right accounting career path has tremendous value nowadays. By taking a career path which is unorthodox or non-conventional can give you a cutting edge over the peers. So this is the time to break the cocoon, coming out of the shell to explore different kinds of ventures for elevated career growth. To achieve this, above mentioned global professional accounting credentials are really a boon for the right aspirants.

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