CPA US Curriculum

Deciphering CPA US Curriculum – Knowing the Essentials

The CPA US (Certified Public Accountant) is a professional accounting designation that is recognized globally. Having a career ambition to become a CPA US is a commendable goal. The CPA US designation is highly respected in the field of accounting and finance and can open various opportunities for professional growth. This accounting credential opens vast job opportunities to the deserving candidates. The process to become a US CPA involves a strategic study plan to pass the CPA US exam by taking help from a quality, resourceful and student friendly coaching center.

Here are some aspects to consider when pursuing a CPA US career ambition.

Educational Path:

Start by completing the educational requirements for the CPA US exam. This often involves obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher in accounting or a related field from an accredited institution.

CPA Exam Preparation:

Prepare for and successfully pass the CPA exam. This is a crucial step in achieving the CPA designation. Invest time in comprehensive exam preparation, as it covers various aspects of accounting, auditing, taxation, and business concepts.

Work Experience:

Fulfill the work experience requirements for CPA licensure. Gaining relevant work experience, whether in public accounting, corporate finance, or government, is an essential component of becoming a CPA.

Continuous Learning and Professional Development:

Commit to continuous learning and staying updated on changes in accounting standards, tax regulations, and business practices. Engage in ongoing professional development to enhance your skills and knowledge.


Build a professional network within the accounting and finance industry. Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and connect with other CPAs. Networking can provide valuable insights, mentorship opportunities, and potential career advancements.


Consider specializing in a specific area within accounting that aligns with your interests and career goals. Specializations could include tax accounting, forensic accounting, auditing, or management accounting.

Ethical Conduct:

Uphold high ethical standards. As a CPA, you will be expected to maintain integrity and adhere to a strict code of professional conduct. Ethical behavior is essential in building trust with clients, employers, and the public.

Career Path:

Define your long-term career goals. Whether you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, become a partner in an accounting firm, or start your own practice, having a clear vision for your career can guide your professional decisions.

Global Opportunities:

The CPA US designation is internationally recognized. Explore global opportunities if you have an interest in working in different countries or with multinational corporations.

The New Syllabus for CPA US Exam:

Three Core Subjects Namely Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Auditing and Attestation (AUD) and Taxation and Regulation (REG).

Three Discipline Subjects where candidates must choose one discipline section out of the 3 exams namely Business Analysis and Reporting (BAR), Information system and control (ISC) and Tax Compliance and Planning (TCP) all of which demonstrate deeper skill and knowledge. All the subject exams involve MCQs and Task based Simulations (TBS).

The New Time Frame:

NASBA announced a change to its Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA) Model Rules that increases from 18 months to 30 months the time frame for a CPA candidate to complete the Exam once the candidate passes the first section. This is a welcome move, particularly for working professionals to get more time for their CPA US preparation in a comparatively stress-free manner.


This is the most important part in your CPA US journey. Seek mentorship from experienced professionals in the field. Learning from those who have successfully navigated their CPA careers can provide valuable insights and guidance. Uplift Professionals Academy is the right destination to coach and direct you towards achieving your CPA US credential and license at first attempt. The Uplift-Surgent CPA US package with Surgent International’s unique and innovative software having a pass rate of >90% on a global scale is the ultimate way to pass your CPA US exam with confidence.

To summarize, remember, a CPA US career offers a diverse range of opportunities, and your ambition can lead to a fulfilling and impactful professional journey. Stay dedicated to your goals, be open to learning, and embrace the challenges and opportunities that come your way. If you are considering pursuing the CPA US designation, it is advisable to research the specific requirements of the jurisdiction in which you plan to practice. Additionally, reaching out to professionals who have already earned their CPA US and seeking guidance from them can provide valuable insights into the process. Last but not the least, take help from the right CPA US preparatory institute.

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