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The US CMA course propagated by IMA is a globally recognized advanced level certification apt for finance and accounts professionals. Completion of US CMA course and exams will help you be expert in a wide range of business areas including financial planning and analysis. Many students research the US CMA course details, the best US CMA training institutes, the US CMA course fees, Exam pattern and Job opportunities. This article provides insights about US CMA exam fees.

Earning the US CMA can give you the career boost as they have an excellent rate of absorption all over the world. Currently, US CMA has marked its presence in over 100 countries including the United States (US).The qualified US CMAs  work at various levels of esteemed accounting firms like KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, E&Y etc. along with the MNCs like Amazon, Wipro, Oracle, Accenture etc. to name a few.

Accordingly, US CMA salary  compensate the money spent to obtain the certification. Thus, the exam and other costs can be  considered as an investment rather than an expenditure in the budget.

Let’s have a look on the US CMA course details – CMA US exam fee structure.

IMA Membership Fee

To get registered for US CMA exam, one has to be a member of IMA in lieu of a certain amount of fee to  pursue the exam process. The price of membership fees vary according to the status of the candidate. 

As for example, a person who is already in a job will be considered for a professional membership while  an individual from a college or university study mode can opt for a student membership.

Obviously, the  rate varies between the two categories. A student member has to pay much lesser amount in  comparison to a professional IMA member. The comparative rate in USD and corresponding INR values are depicted in table 1:


US CMA Entrance Fee

Upon payment of the membership fee, one has to pay a US CMA course entrance fee which is a route to pursue  the CMA US certification. This one time fee has to be paid once you are ready to go through for the  exam upon satisfactory preparation. As usual, the price of the entrance fee also varies according to the  chosen category i.e. a student member is required to pay less than a professional.

US CMA course

Breakdown on US CMA course fees: –

The US CMA course fees has two types of fees associated with it

  1. Fees payable for coaching and materials.
  2. Fees payable to the IMA institute for exam and registration.

US CMA Examination Fee

Ultimately, once the above procedural fees is being paid, next comes the fees to be paid to sit for the  exam finally. This payment ensure the registration and slot booking for the CMA US exam. Since, the  exam has two parts, one has to pay the exam fee twice. The fee is same for both the parts (Table 1),  however, the price also varies as per the membership categories. Likewise, a professional IMA member  has to pay more than a student member.


By now, we have discussed the fees being payable to IMA for US CMA exam. Next comes the cost  involved in study/preparation to clear the exam. To avoid paying repeated exam fees, one has to pass  the exam at first attempt. For this, you need good study materials/books and quality teaching from a  good CMA training institute. In that case, you have to pay for the study material and the tuition fees in a  package accordingly.

One of the advantage of being a student of an IMA authorized partner institute is  that you will be entitled to avail additional substantial discounts in all above mentioned IMA fees. As for example, Uplift Professionals, an authorized partner training institute of IMA and Gleim  International, for US CMA exam, offer additional discounts to its students (Table 2). 

Table 2 – Discounted fee for Uplift PRO candidates – Professional vs. Academic students


To sum up, rest assured considering the fees incurred on US CMA exam, it can be stated that the  expenditure is actually an investment once you see how much you can earn as a CMA US in future.

Choose the best US CMA institute in India, Africa, and Middle East – Uplift Pro

Uplift Pro is one of the top training institutes for the US CPA, US CMA, US CIA courses in India, Africa, and Middle East. Uplift Pro is also an Indian partner of GLEIM, US and an IMA US authorized US CMA course study center. We train students for US CMA through live online classes instead of pre recorded videos.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs from IIEST, IITs, London Business School, and ULCA who have decided to provide a strong back to young ambitious students and professionals to reach their desired career destinations in an organized way.

Some of our exclusive features include.

Authorized partner of IMA US in India

A. Authorized partner of IMA US CMA course in India

B. Live online classes ensuring that the regular office working hours is least impacted

C. The dedicated faculty team for uplift live online US CMA classes are CMA US qualified with incredible marks and have more than 25 years working experience in corporate world. This help the student to learn and simulate the real life corporate working conditions which can not be attained through a CMA pass out faculty only.

D. 1:1 personal support from our 30 plus years of experienced CMA certified faculties. Also, provides full admin support through the dedicated Uplift WhatsApp study group. We have a pass rate of 80% in US CMA course exams.

E. Pass percentage of US CMA students ” at first attempt” is about 80% in a duration of 6-9 months in comparison to near about 40-45% pass rate in a global perspective.

F. The small batch size of online classes provide effective interaction with the faculty which help  personalized attention towards achieving the target of  80% “pass at first attempt”

G. Affordable US CMA course fees with special discount in your IMA fees. 

H. “Till you pass” guarantee assuring that you may attend our live online classes at no extra cost until you pass. It means once you become an uplift student, you can attend unlimited live online classes till you pass at no extra cost or reregistration fees.

I. Comprehensive coverage of US CMA course details including authorized GLEIM CMA study materials , class mock session,  IMA registration and job assistance.

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