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A valuable professional qualification can only help in maintaining an upward career growth.  This is because you gain knowledge, have a better exposure and acquire upgraded skills – the vital traits of a highly demanded professional.

In general, these courses are designed for specific and slightly different purposes and hence have little overlap. One needs to choose a course as per his/her interest and need.

US CMA course career in Banking sector - Uplift professionals

About US CMA course

US CMA is a globally-accepted credential in the field of strategic finance and management accounting. These skills are highly sought after in ALL industries, especially in the banking sector and investment banking firms. 

However, working in these financial decision making and strategic finance areas requires you to be equipped with high skill sets and possessing a gold-standard qualification like US CMA will provide you with adequate coverage and exposure. This qualification is considered at par with any other international professional finance qualifications like ACCA/CIMA/CA/ICWA, etc.

Needless to say that your experience in operations/retail liabilities coupled with the US CMA qualification will enhance your career opportunities and growth prospects to the maximum.

US CMA Course details – US CMA Certification from IMA USA: Syllabus, Eligibility, Duration, Fees, Books and Coaching :- What is US CMA Course ? To understand the detailed overview on the US CMA course and US CMA certification from IMA…continue reading

Opportunities for US CMA

Keeping in mind of the line of experience you are having, you will have scope to work on the following areas in the top management level with the US CMA qualification:

1. Investment banking.

2. Fund raising.

3. Mortgages/loans.

4. Treasury operations.

5. International finance.

6. Credit rating.

7. Mergers & acquisitions.

8. Risk analysis and management.

9. Internal control.

10. Corporate finance.

11. Project appraisals & investment decisions.

12. Asset management, etc.

The way forward – US CMA or CFA

However, having a reputed international finance qualification like US CMA will also require you to be committed and serious for the next 9 months.

If you think you are not moving ahead in your career for not having a qualified accountant status, US CMA is the one and only bet for you.

If you are happy with what you are, you may not try US CMA but if you are unhappy with your career position and financial status, you cannot afford to be away from Uplift .

Coming to the CFA course, it is one of the most recognized qualifications to build expertise in investment analysis & practices and portfolio management. Any professional desirous of a career in investment and portfolio management/asset management segments of BFSI sector should do CFA.


Pursuing CMA with CFA will certainly increase the scope of your career. The CMA is an advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the critical accounting and financial management skills.

Choose the best US CMA institute in India, Africa, and Middle East – Uplift Pro

Uplift Pro is one of the top training institutes for the US CPA, US CMA, US CIA courses in India, Africa, and Middle East. Uplift Pro is also an Indian partner of GLEIM, US and an IMA US authorized CMA US study center. Our team consists of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs from IIEST, IITs, London Business School, and ULCA who have decided to provide a strong back to young ambitious students and professionals to reach their desired career destinations in an organized way.

Some of our exclusive features include

Uplift Pro- Authorized partner of IMA US CMA in India

A. Authorized partner of IMA US CMA course in India

B. Live online classes ensuring that the regular office working hours is least impacted

C. The dedicated faculty team for uplift live online US CMA classes are CMA US qualified with incredible marks and have more than 25 years working experience in corporate world. This help the student to learn and simulate the real life corporate working conditions which can not be attained through a CMA pass out faculty only.

D. 1:1 personal support from our 30 plus years of experienced CMA certified faculties. Also, provides full admin support through the dedicated Uplift WhatsApp study group. We have a pass rate of 80% in US CMA course exams.

E. Pass percentage of US CMA students ” at first attempt” is about 80% in a duration of 6-9 months in comparison to near about 40-45% pass rate in a global perspective.

F. The small batch size of online classes provide effective interaction with the faculty which help  personalized attention towards achieving the target of  80% “pass at first attempt”

G. Affordable US CMA course fees with special discount in your IMA fees. 

H. “Till you pass” guarantee assuring that you may attend our live online classes at no extra cost until you pass. It means once you become an uplift student, you can attend unlimited live online classes till you pass at no extra cost or reregistration fees.

I. Comprehensive coverage of US CMA course details including authorized GLEIM CMA study materials , class mock session,  IMA registration and job assistance.

J. 120 hours of CMA classes (Live Online Interactive Sessions) by veteran CMA faculties from Monday to Saturday from 9 pm to 10:30 pm

K. Recordings of CMA live online classes available

L. In class mock session conducted by the faculty to make student aware of the US CMA exam pattern

M. Doubt clearing session before the US CMA exam window

N. Training on soft skills and interview techniques

O. Additional notes prepared by the faculty members on important topics

P. Administration Support towards IMA registration

Q. Job assistance

Request for Live Demo class / contact at +91-8787088850 to book your seats now. 

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