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The US Certified Management Accountant (US CMA) is a professional international credential for accounting professionals looking to climb the ladder and take on accounting management roles.

US CMAs must pass two rigorous exams and many need a US CMA books, study materials, US CMA practice software in form of prep course to complete each part. But with several options of US CMA review system providers to choose from, it can be tough to decide which option is best.

US CMA Review Systems, Books, Study Materials of 2022 - Uplift professionalsUS CMA Review Systems, Books, Study Materials of 2022 – Uplift professionals

To make it easier, a comparative analysis among a dozen US CMA review system providers, one can narrow down the options looking into the company history, reputation, pricing, guarantees, and more. Based on the pros and cons, following US CMA review system providers offering US CMA books, study materials, practice software’s etc., can be considered as the best US CMA review system providers that suits and can cater every type of student.

So, now the time is ticking to discover the best US CMA review system & US CMA study materials so you can pass the CMA exam in 2022. Your learning style and budget are the two main factors that may influence your decision to select the appropriate US CMA review system provider. Therefore, using these criteria to navigate the service provider companies will allow you to choose the very best US CMA review course including US CMA books, CMA US study materials, CMA US practice software’s etc,

There are many different options for US CMA exam prep courses. Some courses are feature-packed (and the prices reflect that), while others are pared down, but still comprehensive. However, you’ll want to review the details provided below to find a course that truly fits your learning style.

Generally, it is not acceptable that any particular study material is the best for everyone because different US CMA review courses suit candidates with unique backgrounds and learning styles.

Let’s have a look on the top US CMA review system providers on a comparative basis.

1. Gleim US CMA Review System/Study Material

Gleim is very well-established, as it was the first provider of a certified management accounting course. Gleim is one of the most popular and time-tested US CMA review courses available and is especially preferred by those who study on their own.

Moreover, their adaptive course helps to trail your preparation in a constructive manner like will tell you what to study and when so you know about your preparedness for the US CMA exam.

Salient features of Gleim CMA US review system includes:
1. All-inclusive review system

The Gleim US CMA Review System offers an integrated learning approach with video lectures, a test bank with the most detailed answer explanations, audio reviews, textbooks, an essay test bank, and an adaptive platform. It also contains a study planner that tracks your progress, assistance from accounting experts, and a Personal Counselor to help you reach your exam goals.

2. High-quality test bank

Gleim has about 4,500+ of the most comprehensive practice questions(MCQs) on the market with an exam mode that closely simulates the actual testing environment ones encounter during the exam at the Prometric center.

Additionally, the test bank includes exam-quality and realistic MCQs and essay questions with detailed answer explanations for the correct and incorrect answer choices.

3. Convenient policies

The access until you pass policy and the money-back guarantee (Premium Guarantee) are very attractive.


A. Need some basic accounting knowledge to cope with this premium US CMA study materials, However, for the beginners, one or two introductory classes are sufficed to get acquainted with the Gleim US CMA review systems.

B. It is to be noted that the traditional version of this course doesn’t have video lectures, access until you pass, or the money-back guarantee. However, if you have some accounting background and are the type of candidate who learns from answering lots of practice questions, Gleim US CMA Review System is the best option for you.


Overall, Gleim CMA is a comprehensive integrated adaptive course with a large test bank and is ideal for nearly all CMA candidates

2. Becker US CMA Review System

Becker is mostly known and valued for its CPA US Course study material. Although the company used to sell third-party CMA materials, it has recently produced its own comprehensive CMA review courses. These were first released in January of 2021, making them brand new.

Salient features of Becker US CMA study material and review system includes:

1. Becker is most highly regarded for its CPA US Course prep material. Although the company used to sell third-party CMA materials, it has recently produced its own comprehensive US CMA review courses. These were first released in January of 2021, making them brand new.

2. Becker’s more expensive Pro Package comes with both live instruction in the form of webinars and a virtual classroom as well as one-on-one tutoring. Candidates who have difficulty teaching themselves from books will benefit from the ability to speak to experts who can answer their questions about difficult material.


A. Since Becker’s CMA review courses were released only a few months ago, candidates who are using them to study may not have even taken the exam yet. Thus, it is difficult to say how well candidates who study with Becker do on the actual US CMA exam.

B. Furthermore, the Becker promise policy is worded unclearly and only useful under a narrow set of circumstances and of course, Becker charges far more than any of the other companies on this list, although they do offer a 14-day free trial, everything else will cost you.


Overall, Becker is quite a new player on the market as long as US CMA review system is concerned and will take sometime further to evaluate. However, if it sounds intriguing, you can always check the free trial before you decide.

3. Surgent US CMA Review System

Surgent US CMA review system, is unique in the sense that it is being the first to brought the adaptive technology in US CMA study preparation. While Becker has since followed suit, Surgent has continued to improve its technology to make studying even more efficient.

The salient features of Surgent review system includes:

1. Adaptive technology which analyzes your weakest areas based on your performance in each study session.

2. Surgent offers a money-back guarantee or extended course access as long as you achieve a certain score on all sections of the material as well as the practice exam.


A. The book is not as comprehensive as those of other review courses.

B. Furthermore, you have to pay for the most expensive course, which is a bit pricy, in order to get the printed books and flashcards, and one-on-one coaching.


Overall, Surgent CMA is a good choice for those who know the exam content but need test prep software for exam preparation. This course is also a great choice of supplement if you’re looking for an additional set of practice questions.

4. Hock US CMA Study Material

Hock’s US CMA study materials are quite popular among international candidates. It is a good quality course for all candidates, regardless of location.

The salient features of Hock US CMA review system are:

1. The notes are great and explain the concepts well with classroom-style video recordings.

2. With purchase, your access to all Hock certified management accounting courses lasts until you pass the exam.

3. Hock CMA is the only review course to offer a You Pass or We Pay Guarantee.


Test bank may not be difficult enough. Some users complain that Hock CMA features fewer complex, difficult MCQs in its test bank. Additionally, it offers fewer essay scenarios than other review courses.


Overall, If you need more explanations of the concepts covered in the CMA exam but find Wiley too expensive, Hock could be a good alternative. What’s more, despite it being less expensive than Wiley, you won’t sacrifice any quality.

5. Wiley US CMA Review System

Wiley offers highly comprehensive US CMA exam review materials. The Wiley CMA excel Platinum Review Course features 65+ hours of video instruction, an interactive online study planner, performance tracking, a final review, textbooks, and the largest test bank on the market.

The salient features include:

1 Good quality video lectures

2. Interactive study planner for planning your studies and keeping you on track.


Includes comparatively easy practice questions respect to the US CMA exam. The practice MCQs in the Wiley CMA test bank are not as complex and comprehensive as required for the exam. Even the most expensive Wiley course comes with only 29 practice essay scenarios. Considering the high price point, this will be insufficient for most candidates.


Overall, If you are a fan of Wiley CPA excel or if you learn best by watching videos, Wiley US CMA Review is definitely your best pick.

In Depth Comparisons

1. Gleim’s US CMA Review

a. Gleim’s course is excellent for US CMA candidates that prefer a tried-and-true approach. Gleim CMA has helped MORE candidates to pass the CMA exam than any other course.

b. The Gleim course includes all the critical features CMA candidates need in their study materials. From video lectures to a vast test bank of highly relevant practice questions and essays, the Gleim offering is comprehensive.

c. The cost of Gleim CMA is affordable, especially given the level of support that candidates receive.

d. Most remarkable part of Gleim US CMA review system is the test banks considered best in the market. Gleim has constructed the best test bank available. The benefits of using such a large test bank include getting familiar with the exam content and testing environment. You’ll also be able to avoid memorizing questions. Gleim’s US CMA mega test bank features more than 4,500 unique practice multiple-choice (MCQs) and 130 essay questions as well as detailed answer explanations for every question. While this test bank does not have the most MCQs, it does include the most essays of any test bank on the market.

e. Furthermore, Gleim’s practice questions represent the functionality and difficulty level of the CMA exam questions better than any other course. Gleim has about 1,000 fewer unique MCQs than Wiley, but Gleim’s MCQs are more challenging. They more realistically demonstrate how hard the MCQs are and how they operate, so these are the questions you need to minimize surprises on test day.

f. As the creators of the first US CMA review course, Gleim has the experience and expertise needed to write the best CMA essay scenarios. Conveniently, they also provide the most essay scenarios as well.

g. Gleim’s professional educators have been through enough iterations of the CMA exam to know how its essays work and how to generate practice essays that do the same. The Gleim 130+ essay scenarios also look more like the real thing than anything else. Therefore, you will get the most precise impression of the CMA exam essays when you use Gleim US CMA Review.

2. Becker US CMA Review

Becker US CMA Review offers the second highest number of essay questions among the CMA review providers. This means that Becker gives you plenty of experience with essay questions before you sit for the exam. Consequently, if essay questions are one of your weaknesses, then choosing Becker CMA Review will be one of your strengths.

3. Hock US CMA Review

a. On the other hand, Hock US CMA Review takes a very detailed approach to their videos. You’ll learn alongside one of the industry’s best teachers, Brian Hock, CMA, CIA.

b. Furthermore, Hock CMA Review divides the video content out into manageable chunks so absorbing the information requires less effort. The videos even feature Closed Captioning so you can read and listen at the same time.

c. As long as the audio lectures are considered, The Gleim CMA audio lectures are basically the Gleim book in audio format. The Gleim books are well-known for being extremely thorough and comprehensive, so that’s good news for the audio lectures. With these resources, you won’t have to miss a thing if you have to listen to rather than read your study materials for the day.

4. Surgent CMA Review

a. With reference to the study planner, The Surgent US CMA Review study planner is one of the best because it also lets you add test dates and input your availability before producing a detailed schedule of all your study sessions.

b. When you add or remove blackout dates, the Surgent CMA study planner adapts your study session assignments accordingly.

c. It also notifies you about missed study sessions. With effective study planners, you can pick the best test dates and ensure that you’re totally prepared in time.

d. For candidates who have failed in US CMA exam, Surgent should be the choice. With adaptive technology powering its course, Surgent is the course for CMA exam re-takers.

e. The technology adjust to your study needs, identifies your weak areas, and saves you time as you move through your studies.

f. On top of that, Surgent CMA Review includes a free trial and a great pass guarantee.

5. Comparisons based on affordability

a. As far as the budget is concerned, both Hock and Gleim are affordable than other US CMA review system providers. Hock CMA is comprehensive, detailed, and highly equipped to teach you all the CMA review concepts. You’ll have access to very helpful lectures, a test bank that includes highly-detailed answer explanations, and very thorough textbooks.

b. On the other hand, Gleim US CMA review is the most widely used course in the industry and one of the best courses on the market. So, you don’t really have to settle when you let your wallet choose your US CMA review.

c. Gleim CMA Review is a great value, as it includes 45+ hours of video lectures, one of the largest test banks on the market, assistance from Personal Counselors and accounting experts, audio lectures, and more. And with the Access Until You Pass® guarantee, you can take as long as you need to pass the CMA exam and never have to pay for course access or updated materials again.

d. Last but not the least, for accounting students, Gleim US CMA Review is good because its thorough exam content reinforces everything you’ve learned in your classes. Plus, it has a great study planner that lets you fit study sessions in between classes, and your Personal Counselor can help you navigate the path to passing the exam and earning your certification. This holds true for the accounting professionals also where Gleim US CMA Review presents all the information you need to know in simple, digestible formats.

e. Additionally, Gleim gives you easy-to-read outlines for every content area. Each course helps you strengthen your weaknesses with video content and big test banks, so they’re excellent for accountants who’ve been out of school and in the field for some time.

Final verdict

A US CMA review course is a collection of self-study resources designed to prepare candidates for the CMA US exam by concentrating on the exam content. Most of the components in a CMA review course can be accessed online.

Considering the above information, it can be stated that among the top US CMA review system providers, Hock and Gleim less costly and are affordable than others. Among these two, Gleim has an edge through its quality of questions which are at the desired level of US CMA exam standard than others.

If you have the basic accounting knowledge, and want to pursue US CMA course in a pocket friendly manner , keep Gleim US CMA review system including US CMA books, CMA US study materials and CMA US practice software in your priority list if it suits with your learning style.

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