Worth of US CMA Course

Worth of US CMA Course in 2022-23

In India and abroad, one of the stable, high salaried future proof jobs belongs to Financial Management which is one of the highest-paid and stable jobs in India where US CMA stands as gold standard. The responsible accounting, which is the pillar of US CMA makes the credential a utility part in management decisions. Companies across the globe hire such qualified and skilled professionals who can effectively contribute to the growth of the organization. With the advent of globalization and open economic growth, India is no exception in this scenario and witnessing enhanced growth and opportunities.

In line with that, so many Indian companies are either started or entering into joint ventures with foreign companies as well as liberalization paved the way for MNCs to launch their anchor in India. As a result, students pursuing or want to pursue US CMA have increasing career opportunities and scope in India as well as abroad too. New employment areas and job roles are expanding in the management accounting domain where US CMA holds a tangible stake in Indian and global perspective. Let’s discuss.

Growth of US CMA-A Global Perspective

As evident from the chart (source: Strategic Finance, August,2014), half of the new CMA candidates came from the Middle East (UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan), and almost 1/4 from the Asia Pacific (China and India). The number obviously increased a lot now.

Number of CMA Candidates by Country:

CMA Candidates by Country

The Fortune 500 companies who Hire US CMA’s

These are the examples and the list is inflating with time:




Bank of America






Johnson & Johnson


Procter & Gamble



Saudi Aramco



Earning of US CMA

Region wise Salary and compensation of US CMA:

Region Mean Median Mean Median Base Salary Total Compensation
All Countries 74,344 66,000 95,368 73,000 96% 99%
Americas 109,119 100,000 135,076 110,750 100% 101%
Asia 32,654 22,000 40,354 28,000 73% 85%
Europe 81,403 73,000 88,511 80,000 104% 105%
Middle East/Africa 34,993 23,500 40,722 27,000 87%  


(Source: IMA)

Region wise Median Salary of US CMA and Non-CMA

According to a comprehensive study by the IMA, CMA certification holders earn 67% more than their non-certified counterparts. As per the IMA survey, in India, US CMAS earn 136% more than non-CMAs counterparts and the gap is widening.

Job Partners of IMA in India

Leading global companies such as Amazon, Accenture, HPE, Larsen & Toubro, Wipro, and Cyqurex have partnered with IMA to seek talented US CMA holders for internships and job placements within their organizations across India. The list follows:




Wipro Enterprises

Larsen & Toubro



Many more to come…


US CMA is being considered the “gold standard” of management accounting, in the U.S. and spreading globally. US CMA is the largest in the management accounting domain, next to CIMA, and the most available fastest growing credential across the globe. Coming to the caption question, is CMA US worth pursuing? Considering the above information, the answer is yes particularly when we compare US CMA with other available international professional financial courses with reference to the time required, cost, job prospects and earning potential. US CMA credential can help a commerce graduate to find a suitable job as well as help a professional to get promotions also.

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